Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Ah now, it helps with his traning to glide around the pitch effortlessly


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Jaysus vinnys legs look wider than his torso.


He was always a big unit as they say :wink:


Qlook at the big bulge on Gavins right thigh ?


May not have filled the trophy cabinet, but the memories that photo brings back I will be eternally grateful. Vinny for me was the tough player of my youth I idolised & today he rightly continues to be a proud Dub.


Vinny was a footballer though . I remember a point he got in 1990 v Kerry in the league from the hogan stand side. His goal v clare in 92 semi was a cracker too.


I struggle to remember the starting 15 against Galway, you on the other hand put jimmy magee in the shade, I tip my cap.


1.33 minutes


Enjoyed that :+1:. I think I saw wasonthehill83 about half way up behind the esso sign under the avonmore sign near the Stars and Stripes .


Smashing goal don’t remember that era at all was only a chissler of 6. First proper memories of Dublin games is 95.


First time seeing it myself too !


Feckin chislers!


How lucky for you to have missed all the heartbreaks from 88-95! But you must’ve thought after 95 that it would always be like this…same for me after 83.


That’s the thing, looking back he’s seen as tough, yet at the time he was seen as a bit soft/too much of a footballer to deal with the likes of Foley, Harnan, and Lyons! :scream::skull_and_crossbones::nauseated_face:

Which also shows in a way how things have changed in terms of being able to set the agenda and the parameters for our players. You could easily be fooled into thinking we have so many better players these days, and hardly any really top ones back then, and it’s true we do have more now for sure, but for the young lads coming in, talented footballers, they’re coming into an environment where they can thrive, whereas back then they were like lambs to the slaughter at times, and lads like Declan Bolger was on a shaky pedestal that the likes of Meath just revelled in knocking down and trampling on. So alot of really talented players never got to fulfill potential the way they can with the Dub set-up now.


If he was the best looking fella on the hill ‘‘twas me alright.


We all reach an age when we stop believing what our Mammy’s have told us, well maybe not all of us do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Back then it was all about doing it one on one with heavy physical contact. Teams could win all Ireland’s without pace back in the nineties . Now it all about pace and movement


Yup …


That was the first appearance by a clare team in the championship hurling or football in Croker since 1913 or thereabouts. They took up about 75% of the crowd. The roar when they came out was amazing still the best reception I think I ve seen a team get off their own crowd at Croker.