Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Kev hasn’t played that much of the last three leagues ( played none at all in 2016, one of his best championship seasons)

. It’s always the leinster championship when he gets going. And I think we have to be patient with him even in leinster given his mileage - He’s at it 10 years at the top level with that massive contact/impact play of his


Kev just looks very rusty, which is understandable considering his recent work commitments.

I reckon this year he is in much the same boat as EOG, he is a specific weapon to be used off the bench in the heat of summer.


I think the bit of love-bulk actually suits him.


That is now my 2nd favorite saying from this place, after sex-wee.


I hope not …


Hats off, I never liked Bernard Flynn buts that’s a brilliant middle name…


Generally we don’t score a lot of goals in league. Under Jim Gavin we have 58 goals in 52 League compared to 58 goals in 31 Championship


This is to be expected as the league games are played against better, more well organised teams, and in worse (low-scoring) conditions generally…

Those Champo stats include some very, very poor Leinster teams (and QF’s even sometimes).


McCaffrey is central to our goal scoring threat . I think his return will see a greater yield in that department.


Murchan could be a very interesting addition. I know he has the height issue, but he has explosive acceleration. He gets clear of players very quickly and I don’t think I have ever seen him give a ball away. He could bring something new.


Does the height not become a liability . What exactly is his preferred position ?


Not understanding the height “issue”. Look at Ryan McHugh and Paul Murphy, both arguably their teams most effective players and both probably the smallest, or at least one of. Muchan is a very good player, he could man mark a tricky corner forward or play wing back. More of an impact player at the moment but that is partly due to his age and moreso to do with this teams ridiculous quality.


Dont really understand the height thing either and good comparison to McHugh. it was an issue he would be no where near this panel.


We’ll according to the dubs site he’s a defender , so most likely he’ll be a mismatch if teams decide to bomb balls into his marker . When the ball is won , we can judge him then . I’ve not seen him play much so I can’t comment on his defensive capabilities.


That’s what they use to say about me when I played.

I’m 6 foot 5.


I hear he likes egg in his coddle


From watching Murchan with u21s last year thought he had makings of serious senior player. His height only becomes an issue if he ends up in position defensively where he / Dublin are exposed. Had no difficulty getting the better of Galway’s best player Michael Dly in u21 final who was at least 6 inches taller than him.

Another u21 who wouldn’t be the biggest but has everything else is Aaron Byrne. Any word on where he is at? Had thought he might get a run during the league.


Same as that on Aaron Byrne, I expected to see him by now. He did pick up an injury in the Dubs Star game, but I don’t know where he is at now.

On Murchan- personally i think if he is used in the right way, he is good enough to overcome the height issue, but he needs to be played in a way where it’s not exploited by the opposition.

As @JJF says, Ryan McHugh is an example of a small guy who overcomes it, and I think some aspects of Murchans game is better then McHugh.

Then the other problem for Murchan is that he has to take someone’s place, and I have no idea what place, if any, is available in the backs.

I think against a defensive team he could do a good job breaking the defensive line, but so can McCaffery and John Small etc. But I would like to see Murchan make it just to prove the game isn’t all about size and brawn.


He has plenty of brawn in fairness, height is all he’s physically lacking.


Fenton skiing again, Gavin needs to encourage safer activities like calligraphy or topography…