Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


But do others have more? Kilkenny could play midfield also, if we have what we need in the forwards, and the half-backs. Who replaces COS is an interesting one. Hopefully not for another two years at least.


That’s a good point . I’m still old school when it comes to midfield . A fielder of the ball from kickouts . Nothing pleases me more than seeing the likes of Fenton soaring to clutch a ball out of the sky . That’s why I prefer the mold of him instead of McCarthy . The duties after that can be filled by a handful of players .Now Rochey says McCarthy can or has played mid for Kickhams & yes he played there last year for us when needs must .But I’d prefer him in his natural position . The only person id want there if he was fully fit is Flyner because hes a marvelous fielder & how can we forget Jim putting him there in the replay in '16 .

I personally don’t think we are gonna have a problem replacing Cian . Just need someone who can read the game as well . And I don’t think we have a shortage there . ■■■■ , I’d nearly put Howard there at this stage , the lad can play anywhere.


McCarthy did a great job but he’s not a midfielder in that old sense, and I agree with you, ideally it’s two players than can field high ball, as well as do the other things. Fento of course has it all. He was made from a chemical formula, I’m convinced. I actually think Howard is too much like him, someone like Bastick and Mick have been the perfect partner for him but as you say, if he’s injured it will be great to have Howard around if he continues to do so well.


And when Jack comes back , that will release Howard from possibly having to play in the backs so Jim can put him in the forwards or midfield . That catch today was spectacular . It was like Flynner in his prime , sigh …



Diarmo has arguably been the best player of the last decade (certainly one of the best), also one of the most controversial. So when he disappears off the panel, it’s ludicrous to suggest that there won’t be speculation as to why that is. The “amateur sport” bit is nonsense, there are a lot of people who make their living out of it, and it fills lots of media space. So when no other reason is forthcoming, people and media are going to speculate as to what might cause the absence, e.g. a falling out with management or personal problems for the player, etc. The rumours last week that he’s on the verge of joining the hurling panel led to more speculation that therefore it must be an issue with football management, but I didn’t believe the hurling rumours for a second (a few months back, Diarmo was fairly unequivocal that playing for the Dubs hurling team wouldn’t be realistic given his relative lack of hurling playing/training over the last decade).

So I think it’s good that Jim has commented again yesterday, and said the two of them agreed between them that he’d take some time out and that “please god” he’ll be back for championship. Without last year’s big suspension I think that would have been taken completely at face value given the demands of the inter county footballer and Diarmo’s long service. But please god we will see him back in the summer!


so we are missing the following

jack flash -is he going to make it back this year
bernard -is he going to play this year
flynn ?
cian -i presume wil be ok
james mc-i presume he was taken off as a precauton
Diarmuid ?

  1. Seems possible later on.
  2. No.
  3. Who knows but looking less likely each year now.
  4. Should be back by mid-summer but it’s a notoriously dodgy injury so will he last?
  5. Seems he’ll be ok.
  6. Who?


Looking at the age profile of the 26 players on the squad yesterday - only 10 are over 25 I think

Granted where Connolly Cian, Paddy, flynner etc available they’d be taking the place of other lads but still we can say we played a young squad for most of the league


Connolly wont be playing for Dublin footballers again this year and I doubt the hurlers will be taken him either,


Will he play in challenge games? Invitationals? County Fairs?


McCaffrey is the biggest long term loss imo, mainly because he brings a dimension no other player can. And our slower forwards suffer too as a result. Jack draws players and gets defenders running towards their own goal. Instead of a layoff and shoot where some excel its been left for forwards to have to create their own space to shoot which is a much harder task. The injection of pace yesterday in the forwards is the most noteworthy aspect from our point of view imo. It’s very hard to see Rock Mannion and Con not being the summer pick.


Good point. We were very laboured when we got to that final third for much of yesterday but with Galway tiring and Con, Murchan and Eric on their pace told in the last 10 and won the game.

Also think D Byrne deserves a mention - he was excellent throughout.


He’s had an excellent league. Has definitely improved again. There was a concern a while back that we would struggle in the backs when the more senior members begin to fade but with Byrne Lowndes and now Murchan coming of age I’m less worried. Lowndes is very underrated player. I can’t remember the last time he’s had a bad game and he’s played in the FB line HB line and at times HF. He’s a class act. They all are. I’m puposefully looking for a weak link in this Dublin team and i can’t see one. Basquel impressed me when he came on yesterday. I was concerned about him earlier in the league with his apparent lack of physicality but he was well able for it yesterday. Another player who will continue to grow and become a regular starter as the years go by. Howard is already there. He’s a star. Flynn mark 2. Possibly even better. Can’t wait to find out


But I don’t think he will be long term. He seems to be back running now, so he should easily be available come the serious part of the championship.


He will be back for super 8 if not before, id say.


just looking at some stats from the league

Kilkenny notched 2:18 from play out of 8 games which is an excellent return given his other attributes and the amount of work he does

Notably Basquel scored 13 from play with four starts and four as sub. That too is a very good return and indicates that he’ll be important presence ( likely from the bench I’d venture unless we get more injuries ) this championship

It’s been well documented but our goal scoring was poor and dried up heavily with no goals at all in the last three games. With no Berno and DC for moment to create and score goals we’ll need to work on this.


Hasn’t been helped either with keV been quiet .


He’s been locked in a dungeon atein’ coddle and slobbering over videos of puke football 15 man defenses…ready to be unleashed in July. The beast.


Kev has been busy with work, and let’s be honest, he’s best suited to hard summer pitches… He’s what us purists call ‘a top of the ground footballer’! He still is our best goal threat with one on ones!


He’d wanna get the finger out so , I miss his goals .