Dublin Senior Footballers 2018




2025, maybe


Cian out until July by all accounts. Big loss.


Hopefully the recovery will go better than expected, but his boots will be a very hard pair to fill, he’s some operator


There is no like for like replacement obviously but I reckon McCarthy, Small & Lowndes, Butsy or McCaffrey (depending on his return date) is still the strongest half back line in Ireland


Are you a Barca fan?


Cian is a massive loss in my opinion for the business ends - don’t buy he has a direct replacement so let’s hope he’s back for the super 8’s

Any news on jack - is he back in match training yet ?


I’d disagree . The sweeper doesn’t have to generally pick up anybody . He has free reign . And to be honest I think Cian got burned the last day on Clifford . I’m not buying the fact he came to terms with him . If he did Jim wouldn’t have put a better defender on him in JC .
I think both Philly or Jack could slot into that position. But they will have to have some of their instinctive traits knocked out of them to properly fulfil the role . Which , I’ve no doubt , Jim would instill in them. This team is progressive , we adapt to differing play / setups . Jim is light years above anybody else .'14 was a major wake-up call . Jim was all concurring. Then got landed on his arse . That was a body blow to him which he recovered from , emphatically , with a three in a row . A bad display & how you react is the difference between a good coach & a bad one .EF & Rochford arent far off but just that 1% from winning or losing .( That 1 % though is a catastrophic poor decision on the sideline , 1% , 1 point ) .


I think every one is trying to define what a sweeper is. For me it’s like the old Billy Boots comic…It’s about being in the right place at the right time .
Cian is brilliant at this. But man marking John Small all day long. But thankfully this team is seriously adaptable.


Cian gives great leadership and brings calm to those around him.

And he also built the aqueducts.


After a poorish start ( his second game back this year ) I actually thought Cian had a very fine 50 minutes last week .

Cian is more than a sweeper- he’s a superb defender, leader and ball player with bags of experience - and nearly always does it on the big days

Some Dublin supporters getting very cocky this year in my opinion - dismissing injuries as if we have some sort of endless pit of brilliance - leave that to the media lads we can’t afford anymore injuries/ unavailability of some of our key players.


Well said.
Am wondering is the raft of injuries a pure luck thing or because we’ve come back from another All-I win playing (and presumably training) very hard?


Don’t think it’s an incorrect statement. Compared to the rest of the country we have solid backups for NEARLY every position.


Not at all, just an Iniesta one.


Anyone hear how Murchan is getting on this year? A lot of talent but size may go against him!


What’s the story with Dermo


I’d love to know too. Something not right clearly.

Was hoping to see him get some game time today but he wasn’t even part of the squad.


If his return date is scheduled for just after Leinster then I wouldn’t be overly concerned. The two extra games is 2/3 of what Leinster contains anyhow.


Lads, fairly common knowledge at this stage. DC will not feature for several months. PM me if you want clarification, but he’s gone for 2018 at least.