Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Going by that, looks like he possibly wouldn’t have played if game had gone ahead this weekend.


Skiing? Oh ffs Fento! Did nobody learn anything from the Rory Mackerel fiasco?


Comerford prepared to do the apprenticeship


The selective numbers on the human dynamo, our Ciarán Kilkenny.


Kilkenny and Fenton’s winning and appearance records are nothing short of phenomenal - two massive leaders and not even 25 yet


Fenton, the midas touch,
" he went five consecutive seasons unbeaten with Raheny"
A little nugget of info, I never knew.


How are we going to replace them when they retire …


As Bart would say, once you reach 26 you’re finished in this game.


He’ll return in a blaze of glory when we lose in the championship


I see we have recruited Lisa Fallon to our backroom team. For those of you who don’t know her, she works with Cork City FC and has previously worked with Northern Ireland helping them to qualify for the Euros. She provides detailed analysis on the opposition. How her expertise in Soccer translates into GAA, I don’t know but on the face of it, it looks another shrewd move by Jim Gavin


I read that, interesting addition. Jim is one for constantly looking to evolve and observe other practices in other codes. Cue mass hysteria regarding our backroom team.


Oh there will be. I’ve no problem with that discussion but it will happen without any reference to the fact that Mayo for example spent more on their senior footballers last year than we did. Obviously they will point towards all the extra games they had and that’s true, however, they still had the money to spend


Which is the point the detractors avoid. It is not that mayo, Kerry and tipp spend what they spend, it is that they can raise it in the first place.

Yes, mayo have extra travel exp etc but that is offset by them not haveing a Liam McCarthy hurling team and a sort of successful underage hurling set up. All in all they spend more and raise more for their footballers than we do.


People complain about the Dublin backroom staff without knowing what is the norm. Last year Carlow tweeted a thanks to their 20+ backroom team.


Davy Fitz had 50+ in his backroom team when managing Clare


Yeah but 35 of them were for massaging his ego …



Bollocks. Picking up injuries to be a the band. Still thank god its only for two matches.


THREE matches.


James Mc Carthy obviously has something bad enough too. Otherwise he would at least have been included on the bench. I hope it’s not the dreaded ‘just a soft tissue injury’ that keeps lads out for months with Dublin.