Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Nice stat here for the legend that is our Diarmo, pass completion 95% .
Anyone remember the run he made before his point in the Dublin club final ! Top draw😳


This article may have gone under our radar, but I highly recommend it.
Not a Dublin footballer but a very important cog in the wheel of our team.
This article has two key elements that I personally hold to the forefront of my values.
Firstly the joy of the present moment, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Secoundly, numbers and what they can tell us,enjoy :+1:


Assuming what I am reading is correct this media thing is a bad move and reflects poorly on the management. They’d be better off dropping it and focusing on the football.


The problem with what you read is thst the media tend to close ranks around their own and always assume that they are completely right and the other party is completely wrong.

I don’t know if Jim is right or wrong to take this stance (I hear different things and am not 100% sure of what the facts are), but ultimately I don’t really care. I don’t think I have ever heard a post match interview which was worth my while listening to.


According to a piece in the Sunday Times, the spat is over footage of Tyrone’s first round league match. Eir didn’t cover it live, so RTE sent cameras to film it for their highlights show. It’s their footage, not Eir’s. During the summer, RTE usually put up the footage of all champo games (that they had cameras at) on a Google Drive account. Any county board can download it for free, if they want to. RTE usually don’t do it for the league, as there isn’t the same demand. The Dubs put in a request for footage of the Tyrone game (their next opponent) & were turned down, so cue the Mexican stand off.

Might a known that feckin’ Tyrone crowd would be to blame somehow ! :rofl:


I agree re the media putting their slant on it but if the substantive issue is as described then I don’t see the grounds for the stance Dublin have adopted.


Agree, but would like to know RTE’s reasoning for not giving it.


I don’t think it’s a case of them not giving it but rather it’s something they don’t do, or at least haven’t up til now.


Judging by reports last week ALL counties avail of match coverage from RTE on games they cover, not just Dublin. The issue here was reported at first as being that RTE didn’t have the footage of whatever game was involved as it was one of EIR’s games, but later reports suggest that’s not the case, and that RTE were the ones with cameras at the game in question to provide themselves with highlights.
It’s difficult to know what the actual facts of the matter are,given that there seems to be so many versions of the ‘truth’ going around at the moment,but I’d be very surprised if Gavin decided to opt out of interviews over footage RTE didn’t have access to. He strikes me as a very logical man and something as obvious as that would surely have been checked out before any action was taken against RTE.


Maybe he just has a pain in his hole with the lot of them. Just like most of us.


Whatever the truth of it is it’s a thing of nothing imo. Constant news making when there is no news to report.


The attitude of the last word presenter and panel to Mick mcCarthy telling his own fans to f**k off,compared to the attitude to Jim Gavin not smiling in september says it all.Mick is a gr8 character apparently.


Not league games apparently.

Would agree re Jim Gavin. So something doesn’t add.

Anyhow, I won’t be losing sleep over it.


If Jim Gavin had celebrated and had a beaming smile the media narrative would have been he lacked humility and it was poor form to rub it in the face of Rochford after that win. Jim is on a hiding to nothing no matter what he does.

If we win it this year I hope Jim turns to the RTE cameras and does a Mick McCarthy.


Don’t you mean, a Kieran Donaghy?


Super achievement, hope some recognition is given on Saturday, for our Captain Fantastic.


Update on Berno. Wish him all the very best with the recovery.



Anybody else I would say lucky you, but in fentos case I’m thinking ah no, don’t risk an injury.


Ok. Good. Glad it’s not just me. If t’were up to me, I’d wrap him in cotton wool & park him on his Mammy’s sofa for oh, about the next 10 years or so.


Gavin better get on the blower & put the ki bosh on that !