Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


We need to get your good side out for the campaign. See you for photos at the Animal Shelter in the morning. Don’t mention your Oxfam work for the moment


Ha ha ha :joy::joy::joy::+1:


Going to stay up late, watch a couple of episodes of lassie, so I will be on script as for the Oxfam work, they will never tie me to that, Come to think of it better cancel the tin of fruit wear the jeans and blazer.


Just to terrify any none Dubs visiting ressers, THE GREATEST DIARMO, this evening with our long term resident the Sam Maguire


That the family ?




Alan brogan on tweeter offloading a lot of his old Dublin training gear for first correct answers, if anyone is interested .


National media? Widespread campaigns claiming he was colluding in using unfair advantage, destroying the amateur ethos, and insulting the media and the opposition?


Nice pic of Billy Morgan


Napper Scandi, PR, and tastefully environmental building contractor for our times.?


Wtf is he doing in the pic :fearful:


It Is, just missing the youngest brother.



That’s what I meant , his family :laughing:


I know obvious now, not unknown for some ressers to take the piss.


If you look at the pics on instagram you can see “my” medal boards on the wall and the side table with loads of “my” trophies and awards some achievement .


Jesus he’s trying his hardest to get his name out there lately, I’m sure the Sunday Game will take him on


Maybe if Bernard is going to be off the scene for a while, Alan will maintain the brogan profile.


Well , he has his column in the independent & is on the Game On podcast . More power to him . The more dubs the better .


In sport you stand up and give the champions credit.

Tomás Ó Sé
" I’d love if I was wrong :face_with_head_bandage:… but the dubs were team of the year. Jim Gavin was manager of the year and Con o Callaghan??? They have been snubbed…no doubt about it. 3 in a row is some achievement not done since 80s…"

Unless your the kind of loser that lacks sporting nuance and thrives on being the victim .