Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Said the teacher on mid-term :joy::joy:


Reads to me like the media are defending their own.


Why can’t we all just get along???


Well John should be thanking Jim Gavin for this weeks paycheck. As for Gavin Reilly he should be asking more far reaching questions of his own county board.


Because in Ireland the more successful you are the more they want to bate you down. Still I hope Jim gives RTE their five minutes in castlebar to give the no mark hacks and Gavin Reilly’s of the media world feck all to write about.

And as gesture for peace and reconciliation maybe they can come up with a new tv show where all the staff of RTE play themselves in a mockumentary where they play impartial broadcasters and give the protagonist of the show a this is your life moment.


Classless? Sensitive much?


As I said, classless.


Snowflake then? Grow up Alan


Eamonn ‘Fitzy’ doesn’t have i pads apparently. Nor eyepads either by the look of it. Remember that was the latest evidence in the earlier days of the great resources campaign?


A long what, holiday?


Yes sir. I will sir :unamused:


The story on Jim Gavin and rte is being carried in America online by American online news with the small difference instead of rte they have RT ( Russia today news ) . Sure if you where confused by the original story, think how confused American readers must be, scratching their heads wondering what’s Russia doing in the middle of this.


Christ he’s one cute f*cker in his particular field isn’t he? Every negative slant he can find, all delivered with that classic certitude that THIS, INDEED IS THE FULL TRUTH about all that stuff you’ve been hearing bits about over the years.
Its what he avoids saying that says most about it. Completely ignores that it was the Sunday Game response to Connollys infraction that started the issue.
Talks about analysis and high standards of preparation as if its somehow a bad, dirty thing that we salt of the earth real gah people don’t do(and uses ‘Fitzy’s’ nod and wink comments and a begrudging Carlow coach - don’t blame that guy btw but using it as evidence in a serious article? Barrel scraping stuff).

In all of this I can’t help think how control freak, megalomaniac, ruthless Cody in football wasteland Kk managed to sail through 15 years of almost total dominance with hardly ever a bad word said about him or his county. Says a lot about the constant double standards at work here.


The more successful Dublin gaa has become along with the high standard of character they have continued to display, the more hurt is felt by those outside. A successful Dublin Gaa team is a rallying point for all those who have a prejudice towards Dubs and wish to vent without reproach. It’s a free for all, for those who have used the advantages of the capital for themselves or their families but who harbour an unwarranted inferiority complex. Rather than look to themselves and question why, they vent bitterness with the herd as a copeing mechanism. All we can do is continue forward with charity and understanding, let our standards speak for themselves and most importantly keep winning.


A long VHS tape of other teams.


@Nappertandy if we get a race for the Park going you’re the great blue hope. I can see the billboard on the Independent Bridge with a big picture of Dermo proclaiming ‘Vote Napper! He won’t be a pain in the Aras!’


Won’t have to look to far for a campaign manager, you’ve got the post. Could make the teamsters look like the Boy Scouts.
Will start on the book of poetry tonight and nip over to collar&cuff in the morn for the emerald green tin of fruit.


We gotta stick a letter in the middle of your name too. What about Napper B Tandy?


Let it be known that B was always there, like my charity work, I keep a lot in the background.


Lordy, but you were a sheltered lad if you think no-one ever spoke ill of Cody and Kilkenny. There are voodoo dolls of that man in every hurling parish in Munster I’d say.