Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


No I wouldn’t say so, reckon he is like the rest of us, bewildered by the ineptitude of the organisation.


Doesn’t it matters? One thing is for sure. None of them would last in a sporting environment where th kids actually do go after players and managers regularly.

Both sides need to get a grip.


WHy in the name of Jaysus do RTÉ have to ‘do’ anything for dublin football? That’s a ridiculous attitude to a media organistion.


Ní thuigim? :neutral_face:


I mean you don’t get this sort of nonsense in other sports between players, managers and media. The GAA and the media has always been a clusterfcuk.


It’s literally happening right this moment with the IRFU and the media.


Fair enough

Then why should they demand interviews with amateur players and managers?


You get lots of it in the EPL? Regular boycotting by managers - big uns too. GAA and media has been quite good IMO.


They don’t

I think he’d be better off dropping it myself


You’re very wrong there Alan. Happens regularly across the water… Also happens here between the IRFU and RTE too. It’s very common. I’d say Jim has just had his fill of them. Last year the Connolly persecution and now refusing to give game videos having previously done it all the time.


I believe its specifically the ones high up behind the goals and matches not involving Dublin. EIR don’t have camera’s in all grounds like RTE do.


Demand? Didn’t see where they demanded anything. Having said that they give the GAA a lot of for their games every year. Maybe they’d like to promote both the games and their product.

I don’t know about soccer. I know that in the US and Aussie Rules they don’t seem to have these types of problems regularly.

It’s just stupid and childish. On all sides.


That’s no excuse, you said it doesn’t happen. It does, and happens to be in the biggest sport on this side of the world.

Don’t know about Aussie rules, but again, you’re incorrect. They are contractually obliged to deal with the media in NFL and Baseball etc. But the coaches often give yes/no answers to certain media outlets. Again, contractually obliged, so they have no choice to converse.

Can you not just accept that you may be wrong here Alan? Or is that asking too much?



FIne. I’m wrong. Everything is rosy in the GAA/Media garden. Mickey Harte and Jim Gavin are right. Always were. Always will be. And we’ve nothing to learn from other sports.


Sweet Jesus. You’re like a petulant child sometimes. I never said it was right or “rosy” but I admire men who stand up for their team in the light of poor treatment. He’s our team manager. A little bit of support wouldn’t go amiss. And M Harte’s stance was nothing to do with standing up for his team, so comparing them is again OTT, even for you!


Have you ever seen Tony O’Donoghue interview Martin O’Neill … :smirk:

I hope Mickey or Jim don’t learn anything there …:open_mouth:


So if I don’t agree with you I’m a petulant child?



Now, you very well know you and I have disagreed in the past loads of times, it what you say and how you say it. But then you know all about petulant children…


It was a totally classless remark. Thanks again.