Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Hasn’t played to many competitive games since Christmas


This could get nasty… Jim doesn’t really back down!


Split RTE in two.


Oh wouldn’t you love to. First fir the chop, dancing with the staff and turbridy


I don’t get why he is pissed off at RTE. RTE don’t have the games on tape. Eir do, as it’s their cameras at the games, not RTE’s. They have the rights to them. RTE just show highlights, based on limited game footage that Eir give them. Why isn’t he taking this up with Eir?


RTE get the full game and they choose the content they show. RTE have the games, but won’t share it, like they have done in the past, so RTE have had a change of heart suddenly.


The rights belong to Eir though.

A lot of things at inter county are professional. Attitudes to the media clearly are not.


I bet Joe Schidt got them.


Would the Dubs not bring their own video person along to record a match? Or are they looking for footage of other team’s games?


The RTE/Eir camera are up high in the stands. They give a much better birds eye view of games, than a selector can, standing on the sideline with his iPad.


did every county in the past get this largesse from RTE ??


It seems if they asked for it they did. There is some mention of a rights issue here between Eir and RTÉ though.

But who cares really, it’s just something else for people to get outraged over, if they have a mind to (and it seems a lot do). We do the oul’ outrage well in the GAA…


i felt last year that Jim wanted to create a siege mentality and deflect attention away from the 3 in a row…

to me this smacks as more of the same for 4 in a row


All very silly isn’t it?


Shows the attention to detail Gavin has. His management team want to scrutinise league games afterwords


Granted it’s all hearsay at the moment, my reading of it is rte have video coverage of televised games (regardless if they have live transmission rights) A county participating in those games would/ could request a copy from rte of the games and rte would facilitate in goodwill. rte has recently refused Dublin video footage without explanation, a new departure. Dublin seems to have reciprocated by removing their goodwill in providing someone for tv interview before & after a game.
Question, why have RTE not fully explained there position both publicly and privately considering it is a departure from what was the norm.


Its not for our games, its for future opponents - so games we were not involved in


Is that the case in reciprocation?


Wonder is Jim just looking for any excuse not to deal with rte . Still pissed off from last year ?


I hope he’s looking for an excuse because talking to RTE does absolutely nothing to help Dublin Football. It’s 5 minutes thats better spent doing anything else.