Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


What about mature students going back , is that not a similar situation ( not having the points ) without the sports side to it ?


This has gone way off topic…

However, a big problem as I see it is that there are large drop-off rates during and at the end of first years in diploma/degree courses in third level educational establishments. Some of this is people taking up courses in something they either don’t want to do (but need a place somewhere) or are not cut out to do - or a combination of both.
Are there better ways of rewarding hard work (other than/in addition to the LC exam) when it comes to allocating 3rd level places?


I don’t know what it’s like now but back in my day you chose subjects for 5th year to reflect which field you may want to do in college . Now if you know what you want to do for the rest of your life after 3rd year , fair play to ya . Alot can happen as kids mature in 5th & 6th year and their minds might change on what they want to do in college & you could end up picking the wrong subjects .
I remember when I was in college about 3/4 of my class dropped out after Xmas in first year , then your goosed for the rest of the year waiting to decide what to do next year . When the onus is on you to do college work & lecturers don’t care whether you pass or fail , that can be an issue for students. Because they have no pressure for the first time in their lives unless they truly want to succeed.


Anyone know what the story is with connolly? not included in any match day panel to date? is he injured?


Article in the Examiner (I think) saying he’s back and should be around for the next match.


Good man Jonny :+1:


Who added “…the cheat” on the side? Wasn’t on the original photo.


Wasn’t me :stuck_out_tongue:


Added some clarity to that pic., it might help.
Apologies if any unintended offence caused.
Any intended offence still stands .


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Anyone know is Aaron Byrne training with senior panel?


To achieve in a lifetime would be magnificent, to achieve in 12 months well what can you say ?
A reminder of Con O’Callaghan’s last 12 months…
All-Ireland club SHC :trophy:
Leinster U21FC :trophy:
All-Ireland U21FC :trophy:
Leinster SFC :trophy:
All-Ireland SFC :trophy:
Dublin SHC :trophy:
All-Star award :star2:
Young FOTY :1st_place_medal:
Leinster club SHC :trophy:
Reach All-Ireland club final :clap:
Reach Sigerson Cup final :+1:


He may as well just quit now .


There is counties that would be proud of that haul, let alone players


Phenomenal , hard to ever top this in the rest of his career . That’s a list for the end of it .


Having met him a few times he’s as level headed a guy as you’ll ever meet. Future captain also.


Has he played with UCD yet?


Last night


But James McClean scored a goal in some game so was Sports Personality of the Year


Unbelievable record it really is. I can’t be the only one concerned about the amount of football and hurling he’s playing though?