Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


No way some got help with exams. If one person gets help, he tell one of his pals sitting the same exam and then it snowballs from there, I can’t imagine it happening and being kept quiet.

There is additional support for all students in college and I’m sure some students on scholarship get that extra bit of help compared to someone who is not on a scholarship. But there is a difference between extra help on class material or re-arranged tutorial times and getting a full exam script in advance!


Is it fair that I miss a course by five points and don’t get it while you miss it by forty five but get in because you’re good at sports? The third level sector is decidedly unbalanced imho with regard to scholarships.



I thought the whole point of scholarships was to provide a free/subsidized education for those who could not afford it themselves?

Cherry picking students for their athletic ability alone, is not right. Some young lad up in Donegal, who is destined for a career as a brick layer, because his parents can’t afford college fees, or the cost of student accommodation in Dublin, is far more deserving of a scholarship, than some Dublin lad, living at home with Mammy and Daddy, with DCU on his doorstep.


This happened to a close friend of mine a few years back. Missed out on a course I qualified for by five points. Didn’t get accepted obviously, then the first day I’m chatting to someone who missed the points requirement by fifteen points and he got in under the scholarships! Ability to catch a high ball can help you make up for the points gap :laughing:

I think they have a place but like you say Alan they very much unbalanced and not fair in a lot of ways.


I’d be fairly certain that college placements for sporting ability in lieu of points isn’t anything new. Common in most countries I would have thought and plenty of arguments for and against it. I’d be for it but I can see why people would get annoyed if it was abused. No causal link between sprinting and 600 points but sprinters benefit from what’s offered in universities.

I’d be shocked if the institutional cheating lines being put about here are true.


Discuss. It’s called life …


Can someone confirm if it is indeed true?


You don’t get a place in college because your daddy is loaded.


You really think not …


Well if you could give an example of how someone circumvented the CAO via bribery not only would I like to hear about it but you should probably also contact the guards. I am certainly not aware of any legal way that a college place can be preferred on one person over another legally because someone is richer than someone else.


In an ideal world Alan the deserving get the college places . We don’t live in an ideal world .


Anyone who thinks having loaded parents doesn’t confer a huge advantage in the CAO points race needs to wake up.


Do ‘sports scholarships’ not circumvent the CAO process?

You mentioned the word bribery there too. Very dangerous thing to say …


Answer the question or just leave it alone. You made an allegation. Can you prove it?

Sports scholarships do circumvent the system and I don’t like it. Now how do rich daddies do the same?


I wasn’t talking about grinds.


Answer mine - because it answers yours


Ok. I was hoping for a discussion. Not a guessing game. If you don’t want to explain yourself then I’ll leave it there.


The rich daddy thing is probably not as straight forward as it seems, they get put in the best secondary private schools, do grinds etc, these people are always gonna get the points they need unless they are really fookin thick!


I’d go further and give out CAO points to kids who excel at sports or who are physically very fit. I was delighted to see P.E. being launched as a subject for the leaving cert. It’s about time we gave it some importance.

There’s different types of intelligence Alan.


No issue if it is properly examined/momiterd as every other subject is. Let them earn points the way everyone else does.