Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


He was dropped a fair while back.

Time to get him hurling again. See if he still has it.


What a pity about that lad. I wonder though is it to late for him.


Just there are better options


He looked a star in the making at underage, It shows lads mature at different ages.


Indeed. Delighted to report that I just started shaving yesterday at 42. Can’t wait for the other things to drop and the deep voice …


Great set though in fairness :yum:


Brian Howard showed excellent stuff in the opening O’byrne cup games, then Jim Gavin gave him the Nod for the league and surely we were impressed with what we seen. Connolly backing him the wholeway and with an impressive record with under age dublin teams, will brian be dublins next big player?


Without blowing my own trumpet (If only, eh?) I’ve been saying it for 18 months now. I’ve seen him a couple of times for Raheny, and for such a young man to control games the way he does was immense. If he gets a wee bit more physical, he could be the next Paul Flynn. I think he has absolutely huge potential.


Hi Brian!

(an old one but a good one).


I was ahead of the curve on this one … Bart can testify. Not going to put any pressure on the lad here though. Look forward to seeing him develop.


I hope he (Brian Howard, not Bart) doesn’t read this thread.


Would these last few posts not been more at home with Dublin Panel 2018?


Cormac injured again?

If he ever got a run at it…what a footballer.


L A R.

Why quote a post from months ago?
Cormac got injured (as far as I know) away in a “moment” in Sth Africa!


Interesting that a Dublin panelist is refusing to play sigerson for dit tonight as it clashes with a Dublin training session. He’s on a scholarship too seemingly, which complicates things. They don’t name the player in the article, but id say it’s be easy enough to work out who it is


Scholarships are worth very little in monetary terms to a lot of lads now. This is no harm to be honest. No one else cares about the colleges competitions. If the players stop caring then they are headed the way to the Railway Cup. They’d be better off forgetting about the inter county players and getting on with those available.


But according to Wolly he’s missing out on the sing song and the bag of cans on the bus on the way home from the game.

Click bait.Com trying to make a story out of nothing.


Is that actually true? It’s a long life after football. Qualifications help.


The dirty little secret of scholarships is the extra points awarded by the university. That’s the real value. If you’re good at football or hurling (or other sports) and you don’t quite hit the mark then colleges will add up to fifty points to your total, enabling you to get into courses that you otherwise would not qualify for. That’s their real value. Monetarily the registration fee may be waived but there’s very little on offer after that. If fellas are willing to give that up then you’d have to think that it’s not worth that much to them.


That’s very interesting indeed . Out of curiosity , what benefit is it to the college to have these “good” players .If they win trophies do they receive prize money or something .Or does it help secure sponsorship if the team is going well . I imagine it’s about the bobs , yeah ??