Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


What does everyone think of Ger Cunningham???


Probably one of the best things ever to happen to the Dublin footballers.


Any update on injuries ( Cooper flynn mdma Costello ) other than everyone is fully fit and raring to go

Hard to believe Costello had only featured once on a match day squad so this year and that was the first league game as a sub


Don’t expect any in the 26 personally . Based on what I’ve heard I don’t think we will see either Flynn or MDMA start a game this year . Hard to see how Costello breaks ahead of 9 forwards . In Jim gavins head anyway
In my head he’d be starting


They want to have some game the next day out for any chance of that happening . And I think we either have to be in dire straits or else coasting to give them a run out .Somebody here must have some idea how Cormac is doing .I wrote previously that he had an injury that would keep him out .This was then dispelled by another poster who said he was back in training .So why haven’t we seen him at all so far ?


His da grounded him !


Suffered a different injury altogether on return from hammers and may not see any game time afaik …


Recovered from hammer, then did his ankle, came out of a protective boot a couple of weeks ago. All Ireland final at a push before he’s back so probably won’t see him for the year.


Desperately unlucky for cornac - he’s only 23 so plenty years ahead of him I hope


Not sure Flynn will be seen either . MDMA probably 15-20. mins in the semi


He’s cursed with injuries. Seems to be a recurring theme as well sadly.

Although if he wants to pop up out of nowhere and score a rake of points in the final… :slight_smile:


Awful shame for him when you consider it’s the most open it has been in years for starting places in the forwards.


Might not be the worst thing for him personally though. A guy with his build and physique is probably better only getting going at 23. Many before him have only taken off that age.


And others have been household names at 23


According to Charlie Redmond in today Sunday world ,flynn and Costello "are returning to fitness " make of that what you will


We will see Dermo before Cormac…


You were right .


Any word on Jonny Cooper’s chances for Saturday?


very hard to get anything reliable on the injuries. one of the papers today said flynner is still bothered by the old groin injury though someone here said its a different injury, a torn calf muscle. i get the general (depressing) feeling that the game might be up for him. dont have anything concrete about where johnny and mick mac are either. i think we’ll survive without flynner as we have lots of cover there (not the same i know) but i couldn’t see us getting over the line on the big days without johnny and mick. wtf with ó conaghaile, let him take marks off kickouts if nothing else.


He is not on the panel now at all apparently. I know Gavin is seeing them all the time, but I would have thought O Conghaile is right up his street, athletic, aggressive and technically superb in fielding a ball. But I guess something doesn’t fit and in Jim we trust etc…