Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Interesting Names on view? Are you serious? I saw no names on view. The program, costing €3, was a total disgrace. No Dublin team panels were provided and the few Blue Stars on display didn’t wear the numbers shown in the program. Even thought the teams were called out it was done very quickly and surely the clubs of the various players should have been given. Overall it was a very poor PR exercise for a Dublin GAA.

Btw…Mossy Quinn was amazing


Parnell Pass wasn’t accepted yesterday.
Strange ?


Never accepted for blue star game


Never for blue star or o’byrne games.

Shite games don’t deserve the kudos of a Parnell pass!!!


I think each year the blue stars are comming more and more disfunct - -'ten years ago you’d at least have a good few of the blue stars playing and some of the dublin players

The media turn up as there is nothing else to cover and also it’s a chance for them to get a quote from the senior manager on whether certain players will feature etc - Gavin or his back room team didn’t give them a single quote this time - he won’t be there for the obyrne cup either so fair to say dublin will have a very low key start to the new season which is no bad thing -


The award is enough.


I can’t see anyone getting within 8 points of us in Leinster this year, replay down in Semple would be good craic though if the very unlikely happens!


Bastick may well be staying on this year


Brilliant news. I think his presence at training and in the dressing room alone will be invaluable, that’s not to mention that he still has something to offer on the pitch, in my opinion.
I’ve never seen a player turn things around for himself they way Bastick has moved on from 2009.


Mistake in my view. If you’re done you’re done


I’d strongly disagree. I’ve been told that Dennis is something of a father figure in the dressing room and his presence alone can help along the younger members of the panel. I’d say he’ll be there as a leader more so than a player. Definite management material later on too.


That’s fine as long as he’s happy with that which I presume he is


I could do the father figure in the dressing room bit if they want. I wouldn’t want a game or anything … just the glory and the free gear … and if anything kicks off I’d be in there swinging the handbag wilder than anyone. I have kept a lid on this place long enough and dealt with some real difficult cases so it’s be a piece of cake for me …

Anyone got a number for Jim?


That was very evident the way he helped Fenton in 2015 – Maybe fenton didn’t need much blooding but Bastick seems to mind him during that campaign when they started along side each other

All that said, i’d be surprised if Bastick would go again if he didn’t feel he could come close to meeting physical requirements. There was a brilliant video on Dubs TV on Bastick last year where he described the commitment required noting that once your part of the setup, you have to aspire to be at the same physical level as your peers as there is no hiding place on the training ground. I’d imagine he wouldn’t have gone again if he doesn’t see himself a part of that.


There’s plenty of lads who have been in the set up for 3/4 years and not played an hour’s C’ship football. On that basis DB might as well stay.


Fundamentally that’s where I’d have an issue . Because some of the lads last Sunday could be prevented from having a go
To me 4 years is the max. If you’re not in the championship mix at that point (unless due to injury ) then other options should be looked at


Most go after 3-4 years to be fair if they are not in contention, with a couple of exceptions


And one of them not playing hurling as a result


Id say he definitely is. has something to offer 15 mins to go in a match… big fan of basticus.


He was never going to go with the chance of doing 3 in a row.

I’m sure when we do get beaten in championship we will see a few retire but until then with the chance of making history none will walk.