Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Small played full game for Mun in league last night.


Delighted O’Gara been back as well. What was the nature of CC’s injury?


Think he had a hammer and on returning did the other hammer


I could maybe see Howard being a bolter for midfield, or half forward and releasing Kilkenny to midfield. I wouldn’t be putting the house on it or anything, but he was incredibly comfortable in his small time on the field on Sunday, including out-fielding the WM midfielder once. He plays also like the type of player that Gavin seems to like, when he gets on the ball, he makes space and then considers his options. He had a superb U21 campaign also. It’s interesting too that it seems he has moved ahead of Basquel in the pecking order of guys from that team, and is on the right trajectory. A long shot for this year, but you never know…

Just on the last line about scoring goals again - I think if we play against a complete blanket defense, we will rarely even be trying for goals (and they wont be either) and if we play a team set up like WM we will score plenty of goals. So I think the goals thing is more down to the opposition then us.


in fairness based on how basquel performed Howard is well entitled to be gone ahead in the pecking order.

he looks a fine prospect but would have liked to have seen him brought on a half time and have 35 + minutes against weak opposition to see how he cut it


That’s what Leinster Finals against Kildare are for.


Howard was immense last night for us.

I’ve never seen a 19 year old control the game like he did last night. I think he’s going to really push for a start this year.


Howdy Parish, what position did he play in last night?


Started centre back and went midfield at half time.


Centre back is very interesting, I wouldn’t have seen him there. I would have thought a forward or midfield. He has one of the best standing jumps I have ever seen. He won us about 75% of the throw ins to start either half in the U21 championship.

But for me, he is a definite senior county player, it is just a matter of when.

By they way - how was he playing last night? Were other county guys playing league this week?


All bar the starting fifteen from Sunday it seems. Proper order too.


This is not something new. Has been happening for a few years under the current management up to 13 days before a championship game and they don’t get the credit for it. If we are to believe the media all Dublin players are always wrapped up in cotton wool and locked away between County games which is not true. Sometimes for fitness / injury reasons players are asked not to play at club level but in the main they are allowed to do so.


Sorry but you’re way off. Panellists including those up to no.32 playing league games with their clubs is the exception not the rule. I’d say certainly no more than 5 games out of 15 a year.


And that’s correct in my view too. Come Leinster final you won’t see any of them till October bar the cannon fodder. It’s factually incorrect to say they are more available under Gavin


And I wouldn’t be in a terrible hurry to give credit to someone for doing what they should be doing.


The facts over the past few years actually prove me right. You are the one who is factually incorrect.



you state the facts prove you right…what are those facts…can you give us a breakdown under gavin for the player’s participation in Dublin AFL games.


Lads please don’t ruin another football thread


My god. Does every thread have to end up with the same people going on about the same issue? I get the problem and it is a big problem but ■■■■ me lads can yous not give it a rest or at least leave it to just one thread. This place is prime example of why the championship is too drawn out. Too much time between games and ends up with people going on and on about the same issue for 3 weeks between fixtures. Incredibly tedious


And they are relentless as well.50 posts later they will be talking about the same thing. they discussed on this and other threads