Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


It might just be that Hudson had his chance and didn’t take it (in Gavin’s view) and now it is Schutte’s turn to give it a go. It probably isn’t a case of rating one more then other.

Mind you I have always thought Hudson deserved more of a chance, but if I had my way everyone would get a chance and we would never get a team together - so that wouldn’t work either…


Guys come back though - Paddy Andrews was dropped off the panel in his day, as was Philly McMahon. Reddin also I think.


It might simply be that he views Hudson as more of an inside forward, which puts him up against the likes of Costello, O Callaghan, Brogan, Andrews, O Gara and others for a spot, whereas Schutte would seem to be viewed as more of an option at wing forward/midfield which is a role several players have been tried in over the last couple of years without really putting any pressure on the current line of Flynn, KK and DC.
Emmett O’C, Brady, both Shane Carthys and numerous others have been tried as an option at wing forward, but with the possible exception of Scully this year nobody has really put their mark on the role.
I’d imagine that is the biggest barrier Hudson is facing, not that he isn’t an excellent footballer, but similar to any hopeful half back in the squad, it’s simply that the players ahead of them for their position are better, and by the same reasoning, that could be why a number of wing forwards have been introduced to the squad in recent years, tried and then replaced without appearing to have made any progress, but obviously Gavin and his backroom team have very specific ideas of what they want in the position.


Interview with jack


Dublin v Donegal 92 is on eir sports for any masochists out there.


Great. If we make it to this years AI final, we’ll have to politley applaud while Wee Martin does his 25 year lap of honour. Almost makes me wish we don’t make it that far. :unamused:


I’d even prefer to watch the 2011 version …


If wee Martin was 10% the pundit he was player, he’d be tolerable. To be honest, I always felt that '92 final was good quality - from Donegal especially. But it was definitely an All-Ireland squandered by Dublin.


Despite all the bad days :blush:. This is the one game that I’ve never re-watched


Was on last night


What’s the story with EOG lads - not sure he made bench the last game - with Connolly out it makes it more important to have someone like him as an option


Not sure where to post this/it is counting chickens but: Just looking at the make-up of championship, Should we win the Leinster final, Dublin will be playing winners from B-side of qualifiers. By my understanding Tipperary/Ulster final losers (probably one of Monaghan, Tyrone or Donegal) look the strongest, other options include: Wexford, (Carlow) Offaly/Westmeath, Fermanagh, Armagh, Cavan, Down/Monaghan [probably Down], Ulster final losers: Monaghan/Down or winners of Tyrone/Donegal…


Not going back near that Carlow thread, it’s the definition of the word grim.

Anyway imo opinion we should be lining out with the same HB line as last year with a rotation of MDMA/Reddin/Bastick partnering Fenton in the middle and throw Jack into the HF line. Jack at HF could get us scoring goals again


Agree re the HB line. I’d like to see Kildare beat Meath this evening so we get a decent look at what Gavin is thinking for midfield. Kildare have a dominant central pairing that on paper would probably beat Fenton and Reddin.


hopefully Kevin mc can recover form

In Connolly’s absense, him at 11 and in the form of last few years would do nicely




Kevin Mc form so far this year has been poor by his standards

In 2014 2015 and 2016 it was very good - he did his best work from half forward

We’re short of half forwards at the moment and need Kevin Mc back in form


Kev has lost the yard in my view. And I’m not sure it’s coming back.


Has a groin strain is what I’ve been told


Good to have O Gara back and many are saying Costello is back training

Any updates on Small and MDMA?