Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


You seem to have a real problem accepting things at face value.

By your logic above all media outlets should shut up shop as they really have no business reporting news second hand if they weren’t there themselves. Yourself and Jim Corr would get on famously.


Flogging the shit out of them is not the issue. I’ve already accepted it probably goes on in other counties. It’s doing it under at best misinformed pretences I have an
Issue with.

I am reporting what those present told me. Again. There is no if. Your reluctance to accept that is baffling.


Only because the world of sport is always full of rumours etc alot of which is based on heresay, and you also have to here both sides of the story.


I’ve heard the same directly from a lad who was dropped from the panel. Deleted from the Whatsapp group one day out of the blue. He was left in limbo unsure whether there had been a mistake. He tried contacting JG to see where he stood but his attempts fell on deaf ears. He subsequently found out that two others were deleted from the group at the same time. All of them had been with the squad for a number of months before it happened. Absolutely disgraceful treatment of lads.


Surely termination is dealt with in their contracts …


they were no longer part of the Process…

and from what I am told the ex leitrim and Aughawillan footballer is one of the most dismissive of the numbers 22 to 42 players


They are not rumours. It is not hearsay.


Alan we all know you are furious with Gavin because he dropped your club mate and ex pupil Gavin Burke who you are a massive fan of from the panel - we all could have issues with mates club colleagues and brothers getting dropped - the issue is that you make it a personal vandetta - it was the same with Dessie Farrell -you need to relax a bit and stop detesting intercounty management of our successful teams


Please stop trying to stop people posting facts.
I could equally say you have your own vendetta as regards imposing your own form of censorship here
Costs nothing to be nice and treat people with respect .


Success shouldn’t mask failings


or common decency


No issue with raising these things from time to time that I just find that Farrell and gavin get it badly by certain posters who clearly have obvious personal agendas against them

I mean gavin released all.players back to their club for about 5 weeks ( with an exception for one week for particular players who needed more physical training ) but the same posters were still moaning about him and the way he treats clubs


Should we clap a county manager for enabling club matches take place ??? T


Alan all I have to go on is what I am reading on a forum, I think you would agree that you can only take that as rumours or hearsay, I am not doubting you or any of the others that are posting the same, but it would also be wrong of me to take what is posted on a forum as fact .
When I say hearsay or rumours I am applying that to what I am hearing as I have heard it nowhere else except hear, but I am sure you and others have much more substantial evidence than that, so I am not saying it is hearsay or rumours for you.


I dread this forum if Dublin ever returns to the doldrums of the 00’s.


Place was rocking back then, funnily enough.


Pines for a WB pun and a MrWhite retort


In the current circumstances, yes. We can hardly moan about players not being released then being snippy about it when they are.


It’s quite incredible how some people are incapable of reading what’s in front of them. Players being dropped is not the issue. The way it is being handled is. And I’m not the only one saying it on this thread. But stick your head in the sand and accuse me of bias if you want. The fact that I post under my own name at least allows you to do that anonymously.

And if by chance you see me out and about and want to ask me about what irks me about the way some people have been treated then by all means do so and I’ll tell you.


Post of the year! :joy::joy::joy: