Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I think the point is the hypocrisy when the same thing happens on the hurling squad and different standards are applied in the criticism. But sing when you’re winning.

All roads lead to the Midlands…


The difference with the hurling squad is that the players are obviously not buying into the squad ethos for whatever reason. That’s the main source of criticism of the hurlers, the fact that players aren’t committing, not that those that are involved are being pushed too hard or that fringe players are not getting a fair chance.
As Big P said the same is happening within the senior squad of most club teams, or at least any team that harbours hopes of winning a County title, with most of them carrying squads of 25-30 players into a season.


I lost you midway through the second paragraph


Player contacted two years in succession. They had no recollection of him being with them the previous year.


There is no ‘may not’. I DID not use that word. You chose to read that into what I wrote.

Other inter county managers may well do the same. Probably do. But not to people I know and have a lot of time for. My post was about dublin players and dublin management in case you missed it.


Oh sorry I misread it, I get you now. That’s bad form alright


Can we assume this is a Vincent’s player ?


Varley? :wink:


It’s not a difference and it’s no excuse regardless of ethos or anything else so I’d suggest we move on because you haven’t convinced me


Simple question did all the players that train with your club during the year play in the champo in recent years, if so it must be a very small group as I seem to remember more or less the same lads being used. Secondly I know you are talking about Dublin, but the point you are making could be applied to almost all senior county teams and top clubs.
Do you honestly think Mark Schutte doesnt know the score?


The big difference is you are talking about lads in the hurling walking or lads that under most management teams would be starters, in football we are talking about players being asked to come and train and then being let go. I havent seen cases like Danny or Schutte in the football.


Missing the point again. I’m not talking about playing championship. I’m talking about getting any game time at all. I’m talking about a player being let go without a single minute of time in a game. Any game. Just weeks after being told he would get his chance in the O’Byrne Cup. I’m talking about a player being dropped by a minion rather than by the manager. I’m talking about another player being contacted and promised this and that without any memory that management had done the same thing to him the year before and had not come through on their promises.

None of the Vincents seniors would have been subjected to any of that. All would have got time in league and cup competitions. They all know where they stand. The same cannot be said for fringe players on the Dublin panel. You’re defending the indefensible.


Costs no money or medals to treat people well. And if you can’t see that applies to all county teams I give up


If that is the case, and I’m no doubting you, that’s not on. As said, costs nothing to be nice. But it sounds very surprising, given the impression that has built up on how the management view and value players, and on their organisational abilities.


First of all I am not defending the indefensible, if what you say happened and like TL I am not doubting you, I would have no time for that at all, but it is not what I am defending, I am simply talking about players being asked to come on to a panel to train and then not getting a chance to play, at inter county level that is bound to happen, I mean if you bring in a lad that you think may be able to do a job and then in training you see that he can’t , well what would be the point in giving him a game ahead of others .
I would also be wary about what lads say that get dropped, it is never easy to take and some lads take it on the chin and come back better players whereas others will try to blame everyone except themselves, but again I would not in anyway justify players being treated in the way you claim they have been.
Is this a policy in the Dublin set up as I seem to remember you posting that Dessie’ s treatment of players left a lot to be desired too, maybe it is the way Pat o’Neill worked.


Sadly I know what Aoc is saying is spot on. Fringe players being asked on board for two months then deleted from the squad WhatsApp and blocked from accessing the training calender system they use is the way they found out they were dropped. They then received a call the next day without any contact or feedback from the manager.
I know the manager was pulled up on this by senior players as it is not acceptable to treat players like that.


Once again there is no if. And there’s no players making up stories either. What happened to them is exactly as described. Disappointment, not anger was the prevailing emotion.


It’s amazing the latitude that success offers …


And did things change?


You are missing what I said, I replied to a post where you said Gavin had brought in loads of players , flogged the shit out of them and then let them go with no game time, I do not not see anything exceptional in this.
As regards the way players are told that is another story, as I said if true I would be totally against these methods, I say if true because the only ones that know what exactly happened in these situations are those that were present when it happened .