Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I’d agree with Flynn as an option in midfield if none of what’s regarded as our actual midfielders (Bastic/MDMA/Reddan) work out during the Leinster campaign whether through injury or ability.
I wouldn’t be on for moving McCarthy out though, as I said on a similar thread last year we would be sacrificing one of the most consistently good half backs of the last 6 years to play a role at which he is only average at club level.
By moving Flynn out it would create room for a more dynamic type of wing forward (Mannion/Kev Mc) that would have the ability to drive past players and create openings especially against the type of defences we would be meeting from quarter finals on if everything goes according to plan.


According to Sunday times o conghaile has been cut from squad , unfortunately , no surprise there .5 years ago he looked nailed on to be a senior player in midfield for the next 10 years , but for what ever reason it never happened for him


I think Reddin is the only non established player who will stake a claim but that partnership were well beaten in the league final. Theres no perfect solution in moving somebody else. Its a matter of least disruption and what works.

We have four stellar half backs and McCarthy is a gazelle of an athlete and would add dynamism. Flynn is a warrior and would do well but if Maccer isnt a starter I don’t think one of the new lads will play late summer football in the half forward line. You need a particular build to prevent a obvious target on the oppositions kickout.

Kilkenny probably has the best fetch bar Fenton and is another obvious choice but he runs Gavin’s game plans and plays everywhere rather than in a specific role.

Bastic you would imagine is there for leadership and last 10 minute intros.


What position can/does Schutte play? Is gametime a realistic option this year?




Ok, seen he last played for Cuala at #11; is that his general position? What type of footballer is Mark Schutte? http://www.dublingaa.ie/news/powerful-second-half-sees-cuala-into-sfc-last-eight


He has never played against a top 3 club team in the Dublin SFC to my knowledge . Lads like Glenn O Reilly must be wondering at this. If he can pull it off fair play to him but it’s hard to see


I’ve seen Paul Hudson play a lot of football (club, o’byrne cup & dub U21) and he must be scratching his head as to why he’s not even on this panel. He kicks a rake of points in just about every game and is always a goal threat, can kick equally well off both feet & has some lovely dummies too… To bring someone like Schutte in seems like madness


Gavin is no fool there must be some reason behind his decision to bring Schutte in and leave Hudson out.


Gavin has brought plenty of lads in, flogged the shit out of them then let them go without a minute of game time. You need plenty players to play those training games.


True, and the odd time, it unearths a hitherto unknown ability!


Well lads must be willing to join the training squads in the hope of impressing , ok some will never make it but im sure some do. Its not only gGavin that uses players Gilroy, Pillar and other managers in the past have done it and im sure it will be done in the future by the next management team.


Schutte does not know what he is letting himself in for, I mean how would he, he has only 1 leinster senior hurling champo, one Leinster u21 hurling champo, 1 All u21 football champo, not to mention his club honours, sure what would he know about being involved in the inter county scene.
I am not saying he will make the team or even the match day panel, but this idea that Gavin is some kind of tyrant who abuses these poor young lads is going overboard, Gavin is an inter county manager, he needs at least 30 lads to train, these lads know well what the situation is and are well capable of deciding if they want to be part of it or not, nobody is putting a gun to their head.
Of course you are going to get flogged to death if you decide to accept the offer to join the panel, we would win f… all if lads were not being flogged to death, after that Gavin’s hands are tied he can only play 21 players in a game.


I’m sure they’d rather be at training with a chance to make an impression than sitting at home pulling their plums.


Just to make it quite clear. I never said Jim Gavin abused anyone.

But I would not be a fan of his man management when it comes to fringe players.


What is it that you don’t like?


Players arriving to train and then told to go home.


Has this happened? Can you say any more on it?


Or finding out you’ve been cut from the panel but not from the manager, who has someone else do that work for him. And this in early January after being told you were being lined up for time in the O’Byrne Cup and league games.

Or being called into the panel and run into the ground for two months before being let go. And then being called the following year and asked to do the same thing. And when told that you didn’t fancy a repeat of the previous year being told that management didn’t recall you being asked onto the panel the year year before.

As I said. Wouldn’t be a fan of this type of thing at all.


You said " Gavin has brought plenty of lads in, flogged the shit out of them then let them go without a minute of game time." You may not have used the word abused, but you are certainly making it sound like something Gavin does that others don’t.
Do other inter county managers not do the same, are there not lads in your own club that train hard with the senior team but rarely if ever see game time, my point is, there is nothing exceptional about it, but you seem to be pointing the finger at Gavin as if he was the only manager who does this.