Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Felt we were holding back in midfield v Kerry - both days.


Funny thing is, since Whelo left, every year we have always worried about midfield, not saying it is not a worry, but both Giller and Jim G seem to have been able to get around it. So given that Jim has left Emmet out I reckon he has plan in place.


The big white gloves! weep


The biggest problem that mannion has is that is very left footed , as a result to easily blocked down when he shoots .The Kerry game suited him when he came on we threw caution to the wind and went for it


I think he’s a great impact player . But Ges not at Cons level . Con is flying in training . Bernard’s replacement in my view


Keep in mind, Fenton himself has been a bit off the pace in the league and was noticeably second best in the last 2 games against Kerry (David Moran).

To be honest I don’t it was so much that Moran outclassed Fenton in the last two games, but that Kerry got their tactics for midfield spot on. In both games (Tralee and the final), Jack Barry spend all his energy trying to negate Fenton in every way possible, and pretty much succeeded in his task, and that left Moran free to play his own game. Whoever ends up in midfield for us this year will have to do one of two jobs for us, either negate Moran in a similar fashion or keep Barry busy so Fenton can take Moran on as he has on more than a few occasions wiyh great success.


Unfortunately for Kerry -they exposed their plan A in the league - man mark Fenton and try and isolate Moran

But Moran will be now the hunted in late summer whether it’s us, Mayo or Tyrone targeting him


Yep true, they also went for stopping Kilkenny. Though Jack, John Small and Johnny Cooper missing was huge in the outcome of this game. Plus Dermo going off.


Indeed. When it comes to Champo teams will have to solve all the problems…


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Have you seen the team training lately and if so how are the A and B teams lining out.


Typical Kerry, attack the opposition’s strength. And it worked, until we made the late switches in Tralee.

Kerry showed their hand to a degree but still have more options to bring in. Donaghy, O’Donoghue etc.

Also feel.that nobody, bar ourselves, has really shown any specific tactics for the mark.


One thing is for sure, we have not shown our hand, really have no idea what the 15 starters would be if we were playing in the All Ireland final tomorrow.


Think you’re right. The expectation is of changes which will drive competition in the panel.


Tyrone done similar to Kerry in noughties. Although I think we are more able to mix it than Kerry were in the noughties.


Dublin now have to adapt in my view. I agree we havnt shown our hand but I do think both Mayo and Kerry have found out our running game. Mayo may not have the forwards to fully exploit that but Kerry do. I do think we are still clearly better than the chasing pack but the midfield and the full forward line needs strength and pace.


Good post who would be your preference to partner Fenton?


My preference would be McCarthy.


I’d think I’d prefer Kilkenny but it would more of a case of robbing Peter to pay paul. There I say that foley could make a breakthrough unexpected or the other young fella Gavin?


I’d go with Flynn for 60 mins with direct responsibility to man mark the oppositions danger midfielder and giving Fenton more space - i’d select him at wing forward though !