Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


True about McDaid. Carlow game would have be ideal game with Jonny and Philly missing


Does Schutte play midfield or in forwards for Cuala? Would make a great FF if we played more direct.


If we are worried about pace in our forwards to get out in front and win ball, maybe we need to try a target man FF to break some ball down to BB and Andrews.


Can’t understand the Schutte move at all I’m afraid …


Neither emmet nor Shane have yet to even show a glimpse of fulfilling the potential we saw at underage, both of them have been on the panel nearly 5 years and are probably further away now than they were at the beginning. No surprise they’ve been dropped unfortunately. Still young though, time with the club could do them good.


Actually playing football should help alright



I can only talk from experience, but Shane has played a good lot of football for us over the last few years. Certainly can’t complain about his availability to us.


I have been a fan of his for a while and I thought he did really well in the appearances he made in last year’s league (particularly against Mayo). Sad to see him left off the panel, but so saying he didn’t exactly stand out when I saw him play in the champo game against Judes. As you said he is still young, so hopefully he will regain his form and get back onto the panel in the future.


Unfortunately for him he;s not really with a club that will get him back in the spotlight.

regardless of what people say it does matter


At risk of sounding like an ideologue, in Gavin we trust.


Very poor v brigids wed night


Totally agree.
How can they possibly improve if they are not playing.


Looks like the search for a foil to Brian Fenton is going to be Reddin for 55 mins or so with Bastick introduced to finish out the games. With MDMA out for the foreseeable future and O’Conghaile & Carthy justifiably released back to their clubs, this is a big concern from August onwards. Keep in mind, Fenton himself has been a bit off the pace in the league and was noticeably second best in the last 2 games against Kerry (David Moran). I know there are others who can operate in midfield but this leaves us short in whichever positions they vacate.


Fenton can’t run midfield on his own . I would remind people Brian Mullins had Bernard Brogan Snr beside him . And he could play a bit.
Moving Kilkenny is the only option


I reckon jack or flynn do a good job at midfield .


Absolutely agree that he can’t run it on his own. Flynn would be the best option but as I said, that might leave us a bit short at half forward


Moving Kilkenny out would also leave us short at HF


Opens up a spot for KevMac.


He doesn’t score much . Moving Flynn or dermo costs us a lot more


If cooper ,small and cian are fit we should be well covered in defence and that could free up jack .