Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I’d seriously disagree with this team. Why bother? I’d be playing all of the following - Scully, McHugh, O’Callaghan, Daly and Basquel


Yep that would be more like it


Time to start the debate between testing new faces and finding a settled team :slight_smile:

I do think we need to mix up the full forward line at least.


They looked fairly mixed up already against Kerry …


I think two young forwards should start inside with Rock. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Brogan starts in Leinster to get his sharpness up to then make way for Mannion in the AI series.


Mannion is better off the bench . Con is the next main strike forward for Dublin and should be given the necessary time


Agree fully, give Con a full Leinster campaign.

He’s going to be the main man eventually, why not start that now.


Would prefer Mannion to get a solid run inside, try coax him back to the form he showed in 2013.


But even that form was good rather then great . He’s not an attack leader in my view . Con is .


To date re Mannion I agree but father time may begin to force this issue. Con looks like the real deal but asking an untested young lad to lead the Dublin full forward line is a huge ask. With Costello’s injury woes Mannion needs to step up. I know you disagree with this point, and i actually agree with the rebuke to it, but at this stage I think Connolly or Kilkenny will have to go inside.


Brian Howard called up too. Robbie McDaid, Emmett O’Conghaile and Shane Carthy(Mearnog) released back to their clubs


Released back to their clubs. Wonderful phrase. Makes you proud to be a member of the GAA, where club comes first.


Was emmett carrying an injury?


Not sure. Just read in Herald


A pity had high hopes for that lad. Thought he would of pushed on this year.


Sounds a bit like being released back into the wild following their rescue …


Doesn’t seem to be happening for him just yet, has the potential though.


Not anymore . Gavin has put Mark Schutte ahead of him


He’s on panel since 2012 and unfortunately has really progressed since u21 final against Roscommon in 2012 with injuries. Not a good sign dropped from panel with MDMA injured and Bastick past his best.


Pity about Mc Daid he’s better then murchan and O shea in my view