Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


My guess for starting 15 against Carlow.
Mc Carthy.
O Sullivan
Mc Caffrey.


Has Cooper recovered from injury?


Would prefer to see O’Callaghan start alongside Rock and Mannion.


Cooper was togged out and did warn up before the Vincents championship match.


You’re starting David Byrne and an injured/recovering Cooper ahead of McMahon!??


McMahon is suspended?


The little scamp.

I wonder will we see a half back named in the full back line, maybe Lowndes alongside Fitzy and Byrne/Cooper?

Carlow are hardly going to play with 6 forwards.


Was unaware of the suspension, apologies.


You gotta keep up with the latest news, apologies accepted


And a forward in the half backs.


We should go all 2014 blitzkreig shock & awe on them…for the craic.


O’Sullivan as a sweeper on their D.


O’Gara on the D to scare the shite out of them, Fenton in MF, everyone else bomb forward.

The swagger is back… :grin:


It’s getting boomier.


One thing for sure with Carlow, it will be a colourful occasion:laughing:


Yep looking forward to the Carlow game, it will be like playing a load of loop the loops or wibbly wobbly wonders, not sure which


I used to think Bob Marley sponsored them …


I was convinced it was Refresher Sweets.


Good summary on where we are in many ways. Many, many issues need addressing. Just not sure if the hierarchy sense the urgency of it all.

Just on

I think there’s been a realisation, albeit gradual, that we’re not quite the root of all evil. Where 2/3 years ago the moaning regards our “resources” was neverending,
I think a number of counties have realised that, in a similar way to what the likes of Waterford, Clare, Tipp have been doing in order to push against Kilkenny’s recent hurling dominance ie. putting their shoulders to the wheel & concentrating on closing the gap is much better than wasting time merely bemoaning & pointing at the strongest counties. The likes of Monaghan, Donegal, Tyrone, Tipperary illustrate what the likes of Kildare & Meath should’ve been doing.

And of course, there’s one thing which many seem to continually forget - you will always have a number of top counties, always have a number of teams trying to break into that top bracket and always have a number of that make no headway come championship. It’s sport. Everyone can’t come home with a medal.

The silver lining? Watching & having watched this magnificent crop in sky blue in their pomp. We won’t truly appreciate them 'til they’re gone.


Always think of these myself.
Just paint a face on the orange part