Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


He won’t. Likely training fodder. There’s plenty have been brought into the panel, flogged half to death and then sent on their way having gotten no game time at all. He’ll likely be the same


Same happened to Lally and Brady.


At times you talk about what players do as if they were some kind of dumbos that had no idea what they might or might not be letting themselves in for, I am sure these lads think a little about what they are doing and are mature enough to take decisions,
I also think the term training fodder is very insulting to lads that go out and give it their all, A lot of them may never get onto the team or the match day panel, but to even get near it means you have to be a very decent footballer and even if it is only for A v B games, they play a very important role. Obviously if they don’t get game time there will be disappointment and sometimes in the end resentment, but not every player that gets asked to train can make the team.


i think what he;s referring to is bringing in players who never had any realistic chance in the first place and being let go in a manner what wouldn’t be considered best practice


I love it when Bart interprets Alan’s post. It’s like Ozzy Ozbourne interpreting an ABBA album.


Maybe so, but most of these players have been around inter county panels at one level or another for years and they pretty much know what the score is, I doubt managers bring in players just for the sake of it, a manger may feel a player might be able to do a job in a certain situation and the only real way of finding out is bringing him into training, after that it may or may not workout. As regards the way players are let go, it is never going to be easy and some lads will take it and accept it and others will resent it and all kinds of rumours will do the rounds.


Bark at the Waterloo?


Can anyone hazard a guess at a starting 15 against Carlow/Wexford?

Also, is Comerford the no.2 for the year ahead given that he doesn’t start for Ballymun 1st’s but that could be down to county commitments.


At this stage I’d say something like…

  1. Cluxton
  2. Byrne
  3. Fitzsimons
  4. McMahon
  5. McCarthy
  6. O’Sullivan
  7. McCaffrey
  8. Fenton
  9. Reddin
  10. Flynn
  11. Connolly
  12. Kilkenny
  13. Mannion
  14. Rock
  15. Brogan

Byrne is in there provided Cooper & Small are unavailable.
Reddin & Mannion are in on merit after finishing the league strong.
I’d imagine Comerford will be no.2 - he’s always been away with Dublin at some level so Ballymun have probably been right not to put him in front of Sean Currie just yet.


Well savage has left the panel so he is number two


Seen Mdmc today. Foot all protected in boot. Must of had operation.


Not so sure. The papers were reporting (so it has to be true :stuck_out_tongue:) that he was wearing it for a while now in the hope he won’t have to have the operation and will be available later in the summer.


Does anybody else feel things are coming to a head in county football?

The prevailing narrative is so negative from almost everyone.

Dublin have become the root of all evil a behemoth that’s chewed up and spat out a whole province.

Our old rivals in the province are Kildare & Meath used to have massive followings that would get Croke Park rocking on Leinster semi/final day. Now the fans have deserted them bereft of hope.

Especially Meath they are viewed by there own fans as entitled to be challenging for all Irelands, they crave the rivalry of old with Dublin

We will annihilate Carlow on June 3rd they could be swapped out for arguably any of the other teams bar Meath/Westmeath/Kildare who might harbor some possibility of keeping it within 10.

Around the other provinces, you have Mayo & Galway is a game.

Ulster’s past reputation as a provincial Dog House is well and truly gone. Bar Tyrone, Monaghan & Donegal no one else has any chance.

Munster is devalued now with Corks demise, possibly Tipp offer some hope.

Going back to Mayo, the fans can’t enjoy anything as there so worried about the all ireland there season is only a success if Sam is brought back across the Shannon. The whole circus surronding them fuels the paranoia and lessens enjoyment.

Possibly when I was growing up I simply didn’t notice all these issues, the amount of negativity from the media (i.e Bernard Flynns nonsense, Brollys pontificating), the negativity from fans from all corners of the country & a general lack of enthusiasm for the games has created a poisonous atmosphere.

Galway offered hope and Tipps bolters also encouraged people

By another token seeing Sligo going to MacHale Park and playing damage limitation no intent to try and take the game to Mayo & seeing the trimmings handed out to Antrim, Fermanagh & the unmerciful hiding coming for Carlow would discourage people.


Feels like it’s reaching tipping point on a number of levels.


The structure of football in general is more than stale and I don’t think the super 8s will save it.

Regarding Meath. Its not our responsibility that they can’t gain promotion to Division 1. Before the look to the outside they need to address that.


I wont be going near any of it till August . At least there will be some real games going on in the club to sustain me in the meantime, including underage. I’m finding it harder each year to summon interest in inter-county fare at all and really to be honest have little interest as to what’s going on in GAA beyond the club game in Dublin. In fact I’m more likely to go to a club game say in Armagh or Meath than go to Croke Park on a Sunday , even though Croke Park is a 15 minute walk from my house.


What club games ?


Maybe Jim finally lost patience with his wayward kicking and now he has to wear this boot on and off the pitch :wink:


AFL 123456789 etc for a start


2 down yes . 1 is about as competitive over the summer as Dublin v Carlow