Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Would have to disagree regarding these lads. The Vinnies pair won’t get a fair crack at it this season due to club commitments and I think Mearnogs Carthy is our next best option at midfield/wing forward if he stays injury free. Especially if Bastic goes.


John O’Leary made his senior debut at a young age, if I recall correctly. Dublin’s 2nd best ever goalkeeper. :slight_smile:


Shane Carthy-Vincents only started one league last year and came on sub in another 5 games. Wasn’t brought for league final or even Leinster championship and as you said club commitments wont help him this year. It a pity as Flynn will probably be out of action for league.


No relation!


One of the great disadvantages of producing great players. But it’s also a tremendous honour for the club. Evan is a great prospect for senior football, but he’s actually still 3 years of 21’s left in him. Give him some time. He was described to me by a member of the Dublin management as “better than a young Cluxton”. Now that’s the highest possible praise. And the good thing about him, is he’s an incredibly level headed young man.

@Stato82 Haven’t seen Eric around for some time, but then again, I have spent less time at games this year than ever before due to domestic bliss expansion!!!


Gavin Burke got no crack under the current management at all.


Doesn’t mean he won’t in the future. He’s at most 22.

Maybe going to the club for a year has done him good, like it had arguably for Paddy Andrews and others before him.


You’d have to admit alan consistency is an issue. He wasn’t starting for Vincent’s earlier in the season.

He does seem to play well in finals which is a plus. I do rate him but I don’t believe Gavin does


I thought BKALF7 had the best kickout in the Mun!! Will he get the call up o the senior panel next year if Comerford is with the Dubs?


I suspect another manager will be in situ before he gets another chance.


Well if Gavin is in situ and Burke is showing the same form and attitude that the other panel players are, i can’t see how he wouldn’t be asked back. He’s a fine player and Gavin is a fair manager.


Done 3 on the bounce three times it would seem,


What an achievement that would be for Ballymun if he became a starter . Lot of pride there for a team that was close to me growing up . Have no idea why I ended up at Isles but I think they came to our school looking for players .


Jim never goes back - as regards fair? I’ve heard stories contrary . But he wins and it doesn’t matter when you win


Of course there will be reports of players thinking someone at Gavins level is ‘unfair’

If a person in any walk of life. let alone sport, doesn’t get what he wants from his manager, the chances are he will see it as ‘unfair’. Doesn’t mean he/she is right


Get the impression he could be ruthless behind the scenes . Sure those army/air force crowd are very clinical folk . I’d say he carries a lot of that into his management even if he did have to come here after the replay & get his positional changes from us :joy:


Hmm I’ve heard some not very nice things how players are let go. But it wouldn’t be any different to Cody. Once you win at this level of management it doesn’t matter a damn really


Unfortunately that is not the way things tend to work for fringe/potential panelists who have been used as fodder and then dismissed.



Interesting names on view today… O Gara the younger was a real stand out for his (too short) U21 career. We would have won the AI that year if he hadn’t got injured. I expect him to see game time in the OBC and maybe the league, ditto for McHugh…