Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Anyone know what U21 players were called up to the senior squad after that competition finished. I know O Callaghan and Basquel were there already (and Clayton maybe?), but usually they add a few more at this stage, to the training panel anyway.

Howard had as strong an u21 campaign as I have seen from any Dublin player in recent years. Mannion in his final year was very strong, as was Byrne and Jack Mc, John Small too maybe - but Howard was up there at that level, maybe more so and he would still have had a year left to go at U21 if it was existing.

Byrne (Na Fianna), was also good, but maybe lacking a bit of size yet. Galvin obviously put his hands up in the final (and one or two of the earlier rounds). But Howard is as exciting a prospect as I have seen in a long time. He has a massive jump, can take men on with ease and can score from distance.


Nobody called up yet as far as I know as lads are with clubs at the moment. I’m sure a few might next week when Dublin resume training


You won’t hear @alanoc commenting but the players have been mostly with the clubs the last few weeks. More than most counties who have been on warm weather training camps and what not

Some players got a break also. Dublin are clearly aiming to peak later in summer this year


Hopefully they are trying to peak in September …


You expect me to be grateful?

They should be with their clubs as much as possible. But we’ll shut it all down for four months after the weekend.

Then you can get on with what concerns you without the grassroots bothering you.


Are you taking a sabbatical for the next four months ?


Might do. Leave it all to the fair weather inter county fans :wink:




I have a mobile in Wexford if you want to go down for a few months to watch Davey more closely …


Fixed that.


Ye ur right alan big swing their with their clubs because we are the only county playing 2 rounds of knockout championship within a couple of weeks and will have 24 teams gone by 13th may . Are clubs suppose to knee down in praise at this wonderful gesture . Unreal


If true then really bad luck for Costello -happened in a club hurling game

Sounds like Small is out also and Cooper not back yet

Aside from those injuries we look to be easing into the championship with not as much collective work done as most teams - shouldn’t affect us in the early Leinster rounds but we need to start stepping up now


MDMA may be gone for the summer according to the Herald.

Injuries are starting to pile up :frowning:


MDMA a major injury worry and could be gone for the season if he needs surgery.

Although he’s not a guarantee starter it’s a big loss if it turns out that he needs surgery.


Huge loss if true. Doesn’t matter if he’s not a starter, he’s a massive player for us during the heat of battle


A blow certainly if true but similar to when Rory and Jack left it presents an opportunity for somebody else to step up. It creates a new dynamic for the team, and for the opposition.


MDMA would be a huge blow IMO, I know he has not been consistent at times, but in general when big games have been in the melting pot he has been a driving force, his sheer determination at times seems to give the team a new lease of life.


Yeah, he always produces when we need him, so different to anything else we have.


Its going to happen though if you are on the road for a long time like these guys. But it may not be the worst thing as it forces the introduction of new players. Sometimes change is just good for change sake. Although I would hate to be without MDMA, but likewise I always thought we would be completely doomed without O Carroll, and we weren’t.

But very unfortunate for his sake, if true.

To be honest the only way I see us winning this year is with at least two or three new faces. It is just too difficult to keep being innovative with the old players. Every Dublin game is on TV, we are probably the most analysed team in the history of the game.


Eoin Murchan and Cillian O’Shea called up from the 21s