Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Yeah ,i am my break in work,if thsts ok with you ???


You take breaks at work True blue??


I do


Fair play!!


What GAA journalists do you like reading out of interest?


I actually like Duggan most of the time but that is just pooh. Clerkin can be good too and Seán Moran is mostly readable. Mike Quirke can be ok too.


You’ve gone very cranky. Everything ok?


Hang on. The article was written just after our last championship game against Kerry.

Our very last championship game against Kerry.

How in the name of the Seven Snot Nosed Virgins of Inchicore, can that ever be deemed to be irrelevant, old news, boring etc etc on a Dublin website, of all places ???

Jesus. We talk about games from the 1970’s all the time…the games, the players, the media reaction, the public reaction…the whole kit and kaboodle.

But you want us to give over talking about the most recent game, lest we commit some sort of unforgivable sin that I’m not aware of, of finding something new that is interesting/funny/annoying about it?

Mind officially blown !


All great, why wouldn’t it when be Dublin have won six out of the last eight all Irelands.

Apparently .


Apparently? So Dublin haven’t won 6 out of the last 8 all Ireland’s? We just apparently have?


Sean Moran and TOSE the best on the market.


Can’t beat a bit of old romantic Roy Curtis! A true blue!


An hour ago you told us you were doing your ‘best not to throw up’. Now your ‘mind is officially blown’. Tough evening. I believe myself and Keith Duggan should take responsibility.


I agree with this bar Clerkin.


I’m very good at multi tasking. :wink:


Well we were discussing predictions for 2019 by journalists employed by the times, so it seems relevant given that he has backed Kerry for this year, as he did in 2015, 2016 etc. You get the point. The offending article is exhibit A for the prosecution when examining said journalists partiality and incompetence on the matter of who are the better team.

Furthermore, which part of the following is not nauseating, a load of shite or not worth publishing? I’m getting queasy just reading it.

"In ordinary times, this week would be for decorating the county in earnest; for rummaging through the attic to find the box between the Halloween and Christmas boxes - the box markered “All-Ireland”.

I hear secularism has experienced rapid growth in the kingdom in recent years.


So now you’re queasy.


If Brother Aldo would like to look away for a moment, go walk his dog, make a nice cup of tea for the missus, put the bins out…


General Gavin looking very lean and mean in that photo.


Choked, or utter lack of proper preparation and tactical nous? Or to be as generous as we sometimes were to ourselves back then, not good enough by far, and naive.