Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Just be to clear both Clerkins are from Monaghan. One is a ‘dick’ and the other is Malachy.


the one thing though is that, eventually, we will indeed not retain sam one year or another, maybe even this year, the longer a winning run goes on the more likely it is that it will eventually end. At that point these lads will finally say they told you so, whilst forgetting the previous many years where they also told you so and were wrong.


One of our own will probably head that ‘told you so’ queue.


More than likely will lose to new zealand or SA in QFs iam afraid.


I generally find the coverage in the times as
relatively balanced with the exception of Keith Duggar when it comes to Kerry. The analysis is generally good also (not including D O’Sé obviously), but you’d have to think this year’s predictions have a bit of the Fianna Fáil about them.


Yeah duggan hits wood hard when it comes to Kerry. He would give the Bould Marty a run for his money in that regard.


Jesus Christ, calm down.


Yeah… any minute now. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.


You’ve gotta calm down though. Probably live longer too.


Dude I’m trying I’m really trying it’s hard. :grinning: and anyway that post was more tongue in cheek than anger after 6 all wins in this decade I couldn’t give a monkeys what anyone writes! :+1:


You definitely give that impression alright…


Cheers maxi welcome aboard.


This load of shite from Duggan made me howl back in 2016.

Endless nauseating drivel about The Kerrydom & just the barest mention of us at the very end.

It beggers belief that the Sports Editor would even print a piece like this, considering Kerry had just been bounced out of the championship, yet again, by us, for the 4th time in a row.

Listen. Keith…

It’s the gentle sound of me trying not to throw up…:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


Jaysus that is one pile of brown nosing sh1te.


Jesus, it’s 2019 and the lads are going back to articles from 2016 in a desparate bid to find something to get offended at.


Yeah. The “lads” really need to cop themselves on.

Humblest apologies for discussing a journalist and what he writes about games played in former seasons. What intercounty season would you like us to discuss instead? 2020, 2025, 2045 ???


You don’t need to apologise. But there was nothing in the article from two and a half years ago that is really relevant to justify posting it today.

And then calling it (choose from):

A load of shite.
Nauseating drivel.
Beggars belief that the sports editor would even print it.

Unless you’re looking for offence.

Article FWIW is a bit watery to me. But people have certain romantic notions about Kerry - probably because they’ve traditionally been the best which is why you get this a bit…

God forbid we don’t win the all Ireland one year.


I’m not in the least offended - more amused - a bit like yourself. Your watery is my pile of shite. Simple. And there is a context in the sense of what he wrote this week which is why the poster originally posted the link.


Its like somthing that fuckwit billy keane would pen .


You logged in just to add that?