Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


There’s no chance Ireland will win the egg chasing cup either.


■■■■ them.


Would be great if they were held to their predictions. If one of them gets 5/6 wrong sack him /her!


Brilliant. G’wan the Toimes.

Hopefully Mayo get the dead cat bounce from Little Jack Horner’s return, they have a decent league & they win Connaught, leading to everyone piling on to the Mayo bandwagon once more. That can only benefit us as the summer progresses. More pressure & hype on them, means less on us. Look at the big picture old bean. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


Made us better over the last couple of years suppose it all started in 2006 and the rivalry has certainly grown a good bit since then. They have been hugely impressive over the last few seasons and in some of their wins over big teams but mad to think theyve been in the same amount of finals this century as us but have nothing to show for it, would never really write them off but who knows what theyll be like with James Horan


Mayo couldn’t find players - especially forwards for the last few years and they need even more now. TP unlikely to feature. Guys that were lasting 45/50 mins in 2017 will be two years older next Championship. Andy was 35 last November. I really don’t see how people are tipping Mayo.


The egg chasers or hacks?


I’m one that was always weary of Mayo and unlikely to write them off. However, I think it’s more than wishful thinking for any journo to back them this year. An ageing team with even older key forward. I’ve stuck that Irish times article to my fridge and I expect to validate it’s shiteness next September.


cant even see mayo comin out of Connaught , 2017 was their best chance and they couldn’t do it , as said above lads that couldn’t last the full game back then wont be able to do it this year, against us or Kerry or tyrone or monaghan, I wouldn’t be putting a few quid on them


5 of the 6 Irish times sports pundits. Qualification for been a sports journo in this country, say something controversial, bet against Dublin and come from Kerry.


The Sweeney fella in the Sindo just dissed the whole competition because Dublin are going to win it. But he hopes for another great year of hurling. They fcukin hate us winning. :grin:


They surely do, that’s why 9 outta ten cats go with their gut feeling based on the hunger, chomping at the bit, a feeling, the hurt, everyones favourite sugar water salesman and his second coming… didn’t know he had a first coming. Shower of cúnts


No one really likes a team thats winning in any sport but theres a lot more to this there is a proper f*ckin hatred for us :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Id rather be hated for winning then liked and losing but I suppose it makes a potential 5 in a row that little bit more sweeter


It’s crazy when you think about it. All is right in the GAA world when Mullinalaghta beat Crokes … but not when Dublin win.

Alas when the often biased pundits kick up a fuss and are backed by clueless and agenda driven journalists … the GAA top brass feel the need to react - wrongly. And then the actions taken (cure!!) are disproportionate and do not even address the perceived problems. It’s madness really.


As @Blueballs pointed out, most of the active sports people interviewed (and they are all relatively successful - they know what it takes to win), have gone for Dublin to win the football.
Malachy Clerkin is usually pretty reasoned about Dublin. I don’t mind that he DIDN’T choose Dublin but his argument for someone else is lacking common sense.


Are Malachy Clerkin and Keith Duggan not from Donegal?


Clerkin from Monaghan. Duggan from the land of the messiah.


Clerkin is Monaghan afaik


I’ve a feeling Clerkin’s answer (about Mayo winning) is a tongue in cheek dig at them, not us, as merely ending their own famine wouln’t be dramatic enough for them. They’d have to stop the 5 in a row too. He doesn’t usually join the “get in a cheap dig at Dublin for the heck of it” brigade all that often. He’s generally pretty even handed. Duggan on the other hand, is the ultimate, star struck Kerry fan boy…:roll_eyes:


Dick Clerkin last week actually stated that the new football rules are in to prevent the 5 in a row, and he - reluctantly - tipped us albeit by saying there were no offally’s or seamus darbys around to stop us.

he also referenced that celebration of keegans goal against us in the all ireland a few years ago - wasnt against us, just rootin for the underdog, honest. Yeah, right Dick.