Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


You only worked that out now? Anyway, what’s your point? Mine was pretty straight forward really. Being sceptical and saying we could well lose this or that game or that we won’t win easily. It was directed at some who say in effect they knew it would be easy all along and was never in doubt, words to that effect, and also stuff like saying that anyone who disagreed was just a merchant of doom and this had been proven by the trophies.

But again, simply put, this hid and distorted the fact that the conversations being referred to were not as being presented now. Do you agree or disagree with that.
By the way, as an aside, I’m very proud of my and others’ ‘role of doom’, I believe it’s helped even a tiny bit to keep the sha la la la we are super Dubs talk on a bit of a leash at times.
Of course, Jim and the lads have done a little bit towards the effort too.


Fierce cranky since he changed his name too. I suppose anal fistulas ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. :woman_shrugging:


I mean, for 4 years we’ve had people (Al) predicting doom, and for 4 years they’ve (Al) been wrong… at what point do they (Al) just accept that they (Al) were wrong and everyone else (Dub09) we’re right?


Not til we lose! :grinning:


Proof of what?


Tried that, they wouldn’t accept me, I was too doomy for them


This thread has become a bit tangled. What are ye talking about?




Mayo have pushed us close, but when the result is always the same, well its hard to argue that the team that wins all the time is the not best. I think it is more a case that Mayo possibly play above their normal level when they play us, maybe our style suits them, but even at that they just cant beat us.


Mayo try to take us on, man for man, in general. They push up on our kickouts and physically get stuck in. They also typically have a decent midfield and can win ball. I think many of us would agree that they have been two scoring forwards away from an All Ireland.


Probably and that is what makes us better, we have thise scoring forwards.


we’ve a dozen scoring forwards, the best midfield, the best halfbacks, probably the best backs and a half-decent keeper. i think i’ll just chill out for 2019 safe in the knowledge that another league n cup double will be in the bag by september. it bates plankin it all year expecting the whole deck to collapse as soon as we meet a good team like i’ve done for the past 40 years!


What in the name of Jaysus have the last 10 posts or so got to do with this thread. It would seem lads are bored with our success and getting to have a go at each other.


Ah go ask me bollox and stay exiled😂


So, ie, dooooooomed?


If that’s your view then surly we don’t bottle all Ireland’s as the whole country seems to think. Great Craic in Carrick today with the penalties…a lot of work for us ahead. Few news lads like a Reape and McCormack impressed.


You clearly choked against Kerry in those finals, against Dublin you’ve generally maxed out and come up short - either in terms of skill, management or application.


Yes and no, I think Dublin have been the better team, but there is no doubt that Cillian O Connor does seem to have buckled under pressure in a few big games and it cost ye, but as a team I would not call it bottling, And there were a few other moments where pressure seemed to affect, but I suppose if you analyze any losing teams performance in a tight game you could put it down to bottling.


very harsh on yourself mayoman, i dont think people generally believe mayo are bottlers apart from wind-up time. the time-honoured gaa tradition of refs interfering in games in order to try and keep them tight and playing for draws cost moyo in 2014. it was mayo’s all-ireland but they weren’t allowed to have it. that’s only my opinion of course and many will disagree but “bottling” i don’t think so. that’s when a team f88ks away a 5 or 6 point lead in the last qtr and loses by a point. the dubs are the undisputed kings here including 2006 as you will remember yourself. i could throw out 10 more games of the top of my head but thankfully we have passed that torch onto the yerras since 2010. mayo have been a very close second-best team for most of the past 6 or 7 seasons and that’s another cross the dubs are way too familiar with.


Well we are doomed. 5 of the 6 Irish times sports pundits reckon Dublin will not do the 5 in a row. Most go for Mayo and predictability, Keith duggan goes for the yerras. Talk about the heart ruling the head.

Not surprisingly, the actual real sports people all go for the Dubs.