Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


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The camera angle for Connolly’s penalty in 2016 really shows how pinpoint his accuracy was. 2 or 3 inches either way and it could have been saved or come back off the post.


Not just that, all the delay and distraction with the change of goaly before the peno, and Clarke being probably the best shot-stopper around


Time to lock this thread and use in 2019 one ?


that penalty frightened me at the time . before it, after it and ever since. if the ball goes anywhere else clarke has it. he’s a seriously good keeper and probably the best shot-stopper. in all of our triumphs upto 2017, there has been a diarmo moment that won the game for us. jesus, i miss him. somebody please…


Do you think we’d have won it last year if he’d been there …


The hurling? Oh you mean Team of the Year, YPOTY, Sports Personality, etc?


last year (2018) with the benefit of hindsight, we’d have won diarmo or not. we could have lost a few more players and still won. every year, we lose a couple of players for one reason or another and the likes of tomás, pat and others say “that’ll be the difference this year.” but each year the lads push the boat out a touch further and the gap is growing if we’re honest. i remember telling my kingdom mother each time over the last 3 seasons in july that the dubs would beat each and every team left cos we simply have better players (that nearly bit me on the arse in 2016). i also remember dub09 i think saying fairly much the same thing and asking people to give up all the doomsday bs and look at the team in front of them.
bty, i’d welcome diarmo back with open arms even if he made us a worse team which he obviously doesn’t. now where the f88k can i get to watch the final again???


God bless you young man …


I also remember lots of people in actual fact countering the claims made by some that Dublin win the All Irelands in 2016 and 2017 easily and would beat Mayo pulling up because “they’ve been rubbish this year and we clearly have a much better team and I wouldn’t have more than one or two of that Mayo first choice in our team/squad” and so on and so on to that effect. In some cases those people opined they would have none of the Mayo squad in ours.

Yet each time, almost every time, as predicted by most other people to whom youse are referring, the games with Mayo were tight as a badgers arse and could easily have gone against us. That was actually the main sort of discussion that went on, not some blue cornflower glowing stroll in the sun, and foregone conclusions, nor doomsday predictions that some were claiming then and revising now…

So while yis are basking in yisser revisionism warm fireside glows there, the question for yous remains, how do you square some of your claims to the actual outcomes of most of the championship games Vs Mayo?


Those who said we were the best team and would win multiple All Irelands were proved right … and still are.

Those who doubted that were wrong … and still are.


Nice side-step. And doubting is not predicting. Doubting is saying what could happen, and that things won’t be as easy or straightforward as some claimed


Suck it up Al. There are those destined for greatness and there are those that recognise those destined for greatness.

The consistently predicted doom never came to pass and the harbingers didn’t even get the stopped clock consolation of being right the once. :wink:

Great times.


Except 2014. Actually that was the one and only time I joined the ranks of the sha la la la cheerleaders, and look what happened.

I was thinking about joining yis again this year, how much is a temporary membership? A Positivity Pass?


But Al, sooner or later the proof has to be in the pudding. And what greater proof is there than a sideboard groaning with silverware?

We’ve won 6 All Ireland’s in 8 years. We’ve won 5 National Leagues and God knows how many Leinster titles.

Mayo have won sweet fcuk all by comparison. Not only have they not been able to win a single national title, they’ve been bounced from their own provincial championship 3 years on the trot. Kerry have just the 1 All Ireland and 1 league title this decade.

Yes, our games against them have been quite close, but sooner or later the amount of trophies won has to count for rather a lot, when one feels the urge to engage in just a teeny weeny bit of chest thumping, over how how great we have been over the course of an entire decade. N’est pas mangetout Rodders?


you have to look back at the posts fiscal before you accuse people of revisionism- this is ressers remember and not the indo! i’m aware more than most of the bandwagoners ability to put the dubs up on a pedestal as soon as they win a couple of games and then disappear as soon as they lose one- i watched us beat tipp in a qualifier in 2010 with about 15k other dedicated souls after a batin from Meath. but anyone who ever kicked a ball or even watched a few could see we have been man for man the best squad over the last number of years. not much better but better- all of the games i called as a point or 2 win for us and got pleasantly surprised in 2015 and a little less so last year.


I’d agree with that all day long and said so many times on here but was acussed of all sorts , anti outside the pale , mayo Kerry hater , blue tinted glasses and plenty of other bollix, dosent matter whether its 1 or 10 points , we won they didn’t the trophy cabinet dosent tell porkies so hopefully it’ll comtinue, well put post by the way , up the Dubs


Don’t do it Al, positivity pass that it is . You might never recover. In fact it breeds complacency. And we all know how you feel about that. I think there are support groups that help with this line of thought call 1800 NoToPosivity


Proof of what? Are you saying that I was saying something about the recent successes that I wasn’t?
I think you’re going down the route of “if you don’t agree that we’re unbeatable then you’re saying we’re not the best” here, whereas the discussion above was something else, so maybe read it again.


You are an odd poster @FiscalRectaltude