Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Hockey will get it I’d say…not that it matters…


The rugger side won the grand slam and bet the worlds top team and won a series in Australia. While the hockey team did great and mullingnatra is a feel good win ,the rugby crowd vanquished all . Dundalk s double should not be dismissed either.


I can hear the rugby lads tugging themselves from halfway around the world. :wink:


Tugging each other if the truth about rugby is what people have said it is.


Leinster did all they could do too…gotta win the 5 in a row to maybe get a look in on this one !


Welcome on board, but if you are agreeing with 95% you should get yourself checked out😉


I’ve just received the new user of the month award :1st_place_medal::+1: I’d like to thank Jim Gavin and his background team, also Clucko for being an inspiration as a fellow goalkeeper (same age different ability), Ciaran Whelan my teenage hero, Kevin Mc for THEM goals, ROC for allowing Donkey out of his pocket at HT and FT and PJ Gallagher for his annual Christmas appearance on the Podcast! Here’s to a entertaining and successful 2019 :ok_hand:t3:


It was either you or some lad with an IP address in Brazil (but he kept going on about his pug, so we told to feck off). Congrats. :+1:


Dublin v Tyrone All Ireland Final on TG4 now.


First time I’ve watched it back. Amazing the impact Coopers decision to not get involved on the sideline and take the quick free had on the game. In fact it happened several times during the first half, dubs just getting on with it at lightning speed and Tyrone trying their best to do the opposite.

Also Howard, I knew he’d had a stormer, but watching him back he was outstanding. Got on so much ball and it’s all positive, go forward stuff. He’s a tank as well, took some serious belts and barely budged. Shows the conditioning but moreso his natural strength.


Also in both goals we showed great killer instinct something not many teams have . . Con o Callaghan would have been forgiven for knocking over a point in both goal chances but he had the presence of mind to go for the jugular . Scully’s positioning also to run and be ready for that pass from con when he himself played the first ball in.


I can’t watch tg4 player here, can anyone grab a copy of the recording somehow?


The condensed version: https://mobile.twitter.com/DubGAAOfficial/status/1079689923417042946?s=08


Great stuff, many thanks. Shirley our most ‘enjoyable’ All-Ire Final game since 77?


I had Howard as my MOTM. I think he put one pass astray but he was involved in so much good play, it didn’t matter.


Presume the lads are on the team holiday now ,anyone know where there gone ???


Newbridge or no where was the call!!


They started in Orlando at the weekend and are on a Caribbean cruise right now. Instagram tells no lies :joy:


Don’t mind all those filters and photoshopping.

They’re in Courtown :crazy_face:


True, I’m very gullible :blush: