Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Has our pug-loving friend no comment to make?
“How dare those dastardly Dubs get involved in something so worthy!!”


Himself and cabbage will slag it off like they did before



I can’t believe there’s a picture out there of a pug and a cabbage. The internet is a wondrous thing.


Spewan is looking well. The dog is eyeing him up though


Jesus how does a cabbage give that pug a tug?


Sam is coming home, back to Molly Malone…



I heard there is a torture chamber here also (not pictured) which was used extensively after the Final. Some set up all the same.


Not bad for a robot, as they say .
Great work in the Inner City from MDMA


I just realised I didn’t post the link :woman_facepalming:t3:


Hi all, been an avid reader for a few years and decided to bite the bullet and create an account (so be gentle!).

Just wanted to know if there was any word on what sort of team will be put out against M***h at the weekend? Good opportunity to test a few players out but who is available?


Welcome aboard officially! a lot of ex curtain twitchers make the jump eventually! :grin:


The difference between this and HoganStand is I tend to agree with 95% on here so don’t feel the need to jump in and get defensive :yum:

Thanks pal!


Welcome aboard Exile!


No problems! If the cabal come knocking looking to sign ya up tell them to feck off.


Mullinalaghta team on the late late tomorrow. This after Michael Ds letter of congratulations . One quote attributed to one of them was we bet the dubs ( who wants to tell him?). Be churlish to begrudge them their greatest moment but I am looking forward to the 5 in a row😀


5 in a row? I’m hoping it’s 8. And watch the fuckers burn in rage and despair! As I always say feed two birds with one scone.


Is it too late for them to be voted as team of the year too?


Yes although they are undoubtedly in the top two with the hockey team.


Rugby or hockey will get it.

Not that it matters