Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


They lost all credibility long before 2005.

Brian Whelahan given hurler of the year but didn’t get an All Star in 1994.

Go figure.

Anyone who takes them seriously needs their head read.


don’t think he deserved it this year imo. Beggan shaded it probably. Laois keeper was the standout for saves, madness and in game play but they didn’t get far enough to justify it for him.


He was flawless in the semi final and final and therefore deserves the all star.


The Laois keeper caught the eye for runs up the field, but it was rightly pointed out somewhere that his runs were of little or no benifit to the team and it was a totally unnecessary risk.


Yep was an accident waiting to happen at times. He’ll do it once to often and end up conceding a vital score


Who was flawless in the semi final and final?


He was at fault for Comer’s goal if you are talking about Cluxton


I also heard he kicks adorable kittens and has attended at least one Leinster rugby match…the despicable c$%t. :sweat_smile:


Marty morriseys make up artist.
The job she done.


Jesus, that is absolutely disgusting behaviour and I would absolutely condemn anyone who would shame themselves and the entire gaa community in Dublin like that…not a fan of the animal cruelty either in fairness


I’d say most of the lads are grinning away to themselves every year as they get shafted when this fiasco comes round but keep adding on all-irelands.

on an unrelated matter, why are all-ireland medals always kept in the back pocket? maybe its only culchies, diarmo’s ma has his apparently.


Imagine it’s just an expression tonbinn and they’re not kept in any pocket.


not in mayo anyway




Would be impractical


They wouldn’t be able to sit down!!


Especially the lads with piles.


Piles of medals?