Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


74 marked the beginning of the modern Dublin gaa fan according to our country cousins ( and heffo) . The invasion of gaa by the Dublin soccer crowd. John o Keefe I think it was said he worked for that summer in batchelors food factory in cabra and the joke was who are the dubs playing in Europe after winning the all Ireland. He said blokes who had no interest in gaa, a few months later they were part of heffo s army.


And how great an achievement that was. It eventually led to this current era, an incredible journey that deserves massive credit to all those on the ground who worked tirelessly to grow and develop what is there today, at all levels.


even as a 4 year old, i found that embarrassing. its worse now.



There’s a vid goes around on WhatsApp


We may never know, but I suspect the loss of Madden, with his massive athletic capability, is damaging to us. Guys with that athleticism are once a generation, if that.


Is it Madden the footballer or Madden the hurler?


We were lucky not to lose jack Mc and CK who had equal athletic ability and sure they are player of the year elects with 9 all Ireland’s between them . We should be thankful


I agree.


The average earnings has significantly improved it seems. 20 years ago there were plenty of semi pros in the AFL but tv rights have obviously become lucrative for clubs to be fully professional now.


Just caught the end of FM 104 sport news , dubs playing meath in navan on 16 th dec in aid of sean cox fund .



Jesus - you’d hardly recognise Berno since he stopped being a regular starter. He seems to have shrunk into himself. Hopefully he’ll bounce back off the ropes next year.


Is the Aviva Stadium being made available for the game?

Fair play to all involved. I believe Klopp has personally donated £5k, also? Did I read that somewhere?


Yep and Seamus Coleman and David Meyler too.


Fair play indeed, but in fairness 5K to these lads is like normal people giving a fiver


Imagine being able to take out the credit card and just spin off 5k without thought…

Great cause for what is a tragic situation for Sean Cox and his family


No All Star for Stevo, what a joke. What does he have to do, do something stupid that costs your team the most important game of the year in the last minute. Seems to be the criteria they follow going by the last 2 winners.


I think the Dublin players should boycott the All-Stars. Secondly, while it would be nice for Cluxton to be getting the recognition, as has been stated here many time by others, he would much prefer an All-Ireland medal to an All-Star.
Lastly, I think that All-Stars should, from hereon, be given to players whose county didn’t win the All-Ireland that year as a consolation prize.
But, for now, Cluxton not getting one is a joke and stinks of the lowest form of begrudgery.


The All Stars lost credibility years ago when they put in Peter Canavan in 05 team and Graham Canty 2010. Dublin lads won’t be bothered about All Stars.