Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Great video with cian o sullivan


had a gander on a Kerry site last night, and someone said they heard a whisper that Rory was comin back in 2019, would he be only about 28/29ish ?


Pure nonsense. He hasn’t even been playing club football! Who knows what kind of player he’d be now. The chances of him getting back to where he was would be slim …


I thought initially that reply was in response to the COS video. :hear_no_evil:


Don’t mind football is he even coming back to the country ?

Was a great player but as said a good long time away.


Think this is on at the weekend


anybody have any idea what kind of panel and team will be out against the underdogs tommorrow evening


2015 final on eir. Connolly , ROC , Bernard all starting . Oh the memories …


9 players started both 2015 and 2018 finals

Ckuxton , Cooper, Philly James, Cian Jack, Fenton, Kilkenny, Rock

The six different players who started in 2018 , Murchan , Howard, Con, Mannion , Scully, Small are all 25 or younger replacing the 6 who starred in 2015 who are all 30 or over now

Shows the brilliance that Gavin has shown of very gradually rebuilding a team while still winning.


well no crokes or judes players is a given and then anyone else that happens to be around but mainly a shadow o byrne cup type team you would imagine unless the lads fancy a run around before the winter


Obviously, JG and his selection team will have their fingers on the pulse with regards to emerging talent within the county. But wouldn’t it just be a fantastic irony if The Underdogs revealed to the nation outside of Dublin one or two outstanding prospects for Dublin in a show designed to highlight talent previously overlooked around the whole country?


Philly’s documentary is on now on RTÉ 1


Just watching it now , great stuff .


Voting open for this


I’d say there’ll be a low turnout for this one outside the Pale …


I see some of the lads including CK, Fenton Howard, Con and Rock, are back in NYC and Boston with Sam . Yearly occurrence at the moment


Helping with the emergency fundraising for disaster relief in Kerry and Mayo.


Helping famine victims, yeah?

Good work lads. :+1:


The exciting life i live i’m here at home watching dublins all ireland wins from 1958-2015 DVD.

can anyone explain why Dublin fans were singing You’ll never walk alone after the 74’ win??


What DVD is this? I haven’t seen it around?