Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


DC had attempted a similar effort v Kerry from the cusack side in 2015 in the dying minutes ( Dublin were 4 up I think at that stage so probably more of a time wasting effort).


Felt the exact same , almost border line like it was a defeat . Probably up there with the Donegal match as a terrible experience / spectacle. Redeemed themselves big time the next day , especially in regards to not been pushed around .Jim got the calls right for the next day , just trying to remember is that the one where he dropped Berno & moved Flynner to midfield ? Its hard to remember all the details with all the finals .


Might have something to do with he’s an amateur player and can do what he likes.

I certainly don’t think he needs to explain to anyone.


As is Gavin and the rest of the panel .
Feel free to show where I said he or Gavin had to explain ?


Great, you can stop wondering so.


I think Diarmo did the right thing, at least from his POV. If we were to win that day then it should be at least down to one great thing, which if that kick had gone over it would’ve been. Otherwise the ball went dead at least. If we’d one that All Ireland just keeping ball going backwards and sideways after that performance something in that team would’ve died.
And sure didn’t O’Gara let his man free to get easy ball from the restart?


I’ll post what I want when I want till a mod says otherwise . If you don’t like it ■■■■ off.
Maybe I hit a nerve or maybe a truth was revealed


Dublin certainly learned from that particular mistake. Never let a man move from a goal kick in the dying minutes again


Big hard man behind your keyboard, post what you want, not that anybody is interested.


Yet your responding . Let me guess another vins man that wants to control what people say .
Jog on if you don’t like what’s said .


Not that it’s much consolation to him this morning but Con O’Callaghan should be free to get a good bit of league action this year.


And or a good rest over the winter months


Going back to who’s next in line after us, I think there’s a difference between who the 2nd best team in Ireland are and who the best team to challenge Dublin are. I still think Mayo have the best chance of beating us because of the style they play. I’d have Kerry next in line after that.

Tyrone and Galway may be ahead of them in terms of beating everyone else behind us, but as long as they continue to play their current systems, they’ll have no chance against us


Agree with this.




I think the guts of the Mayo team of the last few years plus a few additions could have two more very strong years in the championship before alot the old guard are gone. I think the break this year may have rejuvenated some, whilst it’s possible that one or two others could get more out of themselves in different roles/with a different approach.

How well they actually do will, apart from alot of obvious requirements, also depend on whether they can control and surpress hype, amongst other distractions. The last year should have helped but the hype under Horan the first time was massive and Rochford and co were much more low key but still struggled with it.

Its a difficult one for them because even in the two years they got closest, their performances for much of the year were such that most fair weather fans and alot of the hot air media could only really get going once they reached the final. Whereas I expect them to perform much better during the year under Horan unless he decides to change his previous approach radically.


Totally agree with avb on this.


Draw for 2019 football &hurling all.irelands tommorrow on RTE


Don’t think there’s any draw for the hurling. It’s just a matter of dates, which have already been set.


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