Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Genius makes its own rules. The reason why he took that shot is the same thing that informs the most spectacular things he has done. You can’t have one without the other :wink:


If it were boys would you be shocked ?


I noticed it myself. I also noticed that he was considering the pass (as Kilkenny would have done!) but didn’t seem to get an option that he felt was on.

ps anyone think Denis incident was a free in?


Equally - especially if they were also given Men’s Grooming Kits …


Mmmm wonder is that why he spent the year away from the Dublin set up .
I’m sure you’ll respond with it’s dublin management fault can’t be a Vins man to blame etc


Most clubs in Dublin would have 14s doing a s&c session once a week . If not they should


As far as I’ve read, McMahon’s approach to training is very progressive. So I would think he’ll do a very good job in that role.


I’m not sure S&C here is the correct term in the context we associate it with older teams.


it comes in many forms


Sure whatever you’re having yourself.


I think it was a free in. Based on -
1 stubbornness
2 YouTube clip isn’t that clear to me
3 as I said earlier, when I saw it live my reaction was that we’re fooked. He put hand on ball before putting foot to it.

Genuinely I’m looking at the clip on an iPad. If people tell me it’s clear I’m wrong I’ll take my medicine.


I’ve looked at it about 10 times on the laptop.
Hard to call but 9 out 10 times it looked a free in.

Then again ■■■ should have been black carded before kicked equaliser


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Sold!


James Horan ratified as Mayo manager on a 4 year term…


From where I was in the Upper Hogan directly above it, I felt Denis didn’t pick it off the ground. I was more incensed by Regan cleaning him out of it (didn’t he get injured as a result of it too?)


I think the point isn’t so much if it was a pick up by Bastic or not, but the fact that a lot of the unbiased referees out there would love an opportunity to give the free if there was the slimmest of chances it would burst Dublins bubble…


Like I said, wet day, pick-ups almost never given. People over-thinking this one.


Even if ref had given it as a free , to win the
All ireland ending 65 years of hurt ,no gaurentee the ■■■ would have put it over .


Watching it again it looks like bassy lets ball roll onto to his foot ,way to experienced of aplayer to pick it off the ground knowing how close to goal he was


Terrible decision but I’m glad he did that and also glad he missed. I remember feeling completely underwhelmed when it looked like we’d stolen that match, as the time ticked down. I was really pleased it was a draw in the end, as I wanted to properly beat Mayo, the way we were well capable of doing so - and was delighted we had a second chance to beat them properly, rather than relying on 2 crappy own-goals to salvage our awful performance.