Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Can’t agree that they regressed really in 2017 when they were so close to us but yeah results don’t lie and totally agree this year they declined massively. And hopefully its permanent tbh because their ages suggest it should be. I just think Horan is no eejit, he must see either decent young players or think there’s more in the older crew to be leaving Rachel Wyse and the lads. I actually kind of believe neither to be true and they have problems with the younger and older lads. But again styles make fights and they’ve always been suited to us.


if ever they had a chance to win sam it was 17 and they couldn’t do it , cant see them getting any further than a semi final if they even get that far, their past their best.
had a very quick gander at the proposed new changes and it looks like its all geared up to stop us doin 5 in a row, they might even bring in a rule that we can only use 7 players and no subs. why didn’t they bring in a rule to stop the blanket defence that nearly destroyed the game, only for the Dubs to rescue it. no matter what rules or changes they make Jimmy of Nazareth will perform a few miracles and we’ll just carry on :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy:


They can’t bring them in next year


awh shite, they’ll bring them in to stop us goin for 6 so :rofl:


Funnily enough I think Mayo might win Connaught, or at least beat Galway, depending on the draw! But I agree that I can’t see Horan doing any better than he did previously, and it will be hard for him to match that, this looks like a damage-limitation appointment. Or that the MCB just couldn’t get it together to negotiate a deal with, or didn’t want to take the risk on, a bigger name coach. Maybe no bad thing in the long-run, in terms of bringing through the next generation.
Anyway it was always going to be hard to replace Buckley as well, not to mention Strategic GPS Trajectory Expert McEntee.


jose marino or whatever the ■■■■ his name is might be lookin for a new job soon , they could give him a bash at it


They robbed Peter to pay Paul in 16 and 17, all the eggs into the All-I semi-final and more especially the final basket, and they got away with it and it nearly payed off. In the long run that sort of policy is not sustainable and they reaped the outcome this year, and IMO they need to build momentum through the year, dispense with the excuses about not being able to really compete in League and Connaught due to burn-out and conditioning and travelling distances, and in a related matter, dispense with the hype that led to any sort of good league and especially Connaught victories getting ballooned out of all proportion.


You could equally say they were doing just enough to win, like Dublin in those games against Mayo. Can’t have it both ways, that they weren’t unlucky against us but yet were lucky to win other games very narrowly.

But overall I agree their level of performance in 16 and 17 til the final (in 16), and the semi-final in 17 was poor and can’t have been helpful in terms of building a really winning mentality or standard when it comes down to the latter stages of the game against Dublin more especially.
I think the Kerry games last year really helped them in terms of prep for the final but too many games that year may have stood against being stronger at the finish? Who knows, Tyrone managed in 2005 but they had an All-I under their belt at that stage.


Whilst I agree we were very lucky with the goals that day you can’t claim that was a blatant pick-up at the end, it rolled at pace to his boot, and like countless other players in wet conditions he picked it without lifting it, it’s almost never given as a free in the first minute of a game, let alone the last. And Bastick was fouled in that incident as well.

Referees let those go in wet conditions at least. If you want a blatant pick-up example it was Tom Parsons around 74 and a half minutes near his own endline in that game. Tried to get it up, failed, ball rolled away from him and he just picked it up.
And Mayo got away with a blatant foul on Dean Rock late around 25 metres out from their goal when Dublin were three up. They then got awarded a dodgy line-ball, from which they worked a score.

In general in the last 10 minutes of games between Dublin and Mayo in recent years I felt Mayo got alot of handy decisions to keep them in the game.


Philly McMahon appointed as Head of Performance of S&C for all Dublin camogie teams from U14 to senior. Best of luck Philly!


Indeed. Just finished his book, really good read, very moving and insightful. Funny to think I moved to Ballymun just as his underage gaelic football life was really getting going, he would’ve just been another youngfella about the place.


S&C for U14s … girls … :scream:


I guess it’s to try and compete with the 13 year old Cork girls, who has been wrestling bullocks since they were knee high to a Clonakilty black pudding!


I think the pick up is relatively well policed for what it’s worth. Either way Bastic did pick it up and the foul/collision happened after, so it was a free all day long and Mayo would have had their all Ireland . I’m going on memory but I remember even thinking as it happened that we were poxed.

I’m not disagreeing there were other decisions that went against us earlier, but last seconds of the game another referee would have given them a tap over free. Think he got distracted that the collision after between Denis and the Mayo lad was a pretty big one.


@LtAldoRaine Had a look at this again - it happens at exactly the 77th minute. Denis clearly slips his left foot under the ball and then gets absolutely smashed. It is a free out all day and a booking too so I have no idea why anyone would think we were lucky. The whingebag ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ is doing his usual mouthing but I don’t know why.


Its not necessarily all about lifting weights for S&C especially at that young an age. They would be doing more body weight stuff and mobility exercises to hone their core before moving onwards at a later age. This would certainly assist the girls involved once its kept sensible and the stick work to physical work is kept at a 2-1 at the least ratio imo.
In fact a lot of the work at u14-15 could be included as part of a session on the field


Very much age appropriate and at u14 as their all growing it’s about injury prevention, stretching and proper hydration. Not gym bunnies yet !


Good to hear :ok_hand:


I still get a little annoyed at DC (awaits Vins vitriol) shooting that sideline ball just before that…all’s well that ends well, but that was an awful decision, even for a man of his abilities. point up, one minute left…keep the ball


@RunDMC Come sit by me on the Ressers naughty step then so. (I have chips & salsa.)

It won’t just be Vins heads that will come after you for uttering such heresy.