Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I checked the odds for the 2019 Championship yesterday. Dublin are 1/2. Kerry next best at 5/1.
I still think Mayo (with Parsons, O’Shea’s, Andy Moran and Keith Higgins still around) would be Dublin’s hardest opponent in 2019. After that, I’d fancy Tyrone, Galway and Kerry, in that order.


O’Shea’s???:thinking: They put a few points on the odds IMO


Still better than what most counties (other than Dublin) have around, in my opinion. They will need to be part of Mayo’s set-up next year in the absence of younger, better talent coming through.


They are likely preventing younger, better talent coming through.


mayo will be tougher oppoosition next year because they have new jerseys in which the green is not as dark and therefore they will not be wilting in the summer heat like they did against kildare this year who were wearing white (this was a serious point you know where).

and something about a manager.


Plenty of chest thumping going over there, I hope they don’t hurt themselves. Gas, Kerry use throwaway words like Hunger, hurt and all that. Over there its 'the dubs this… the dubs that. Dubs for the taking, now that James is back and has learned loads on off the ball and other radio stations. He has been watching patiently. watching and taking notes.

I really hope the New Jersey goes well for them. Going to look fab on Aido.


Can’t see Mayo doing anything tbh. Need to build over next couple of years. Going with the same again would be like Einstein’s theory of insanity … it was him wasn’t it …


cant see them doin anything either, galway have taken over in Connaught and will be out to prove that in that neck of the woods. mcguinness was probably givin horan defensive lessons when they were workin for sky although the new jerseys could be a major factor


All I said is that I reckon they (Mayo) will be Dublin’s toughest opponent (if they get to play one another) in 2019. They have come the closest on numerous occasions since 2014. I would still fancy Dublin’s chances over Mayo, probably more so, now. But my initial comments are more to do with Kerry regressing over the last few years to be further behind Mayo and that neither Galway or Tyrone have made consistent progress in the last couple of years to be considered better than Mayo.


Mayo lucked out in 2017 but got a dose of reality in 2018. Kildare had lost 12 games and were beaten by Carlow before their ‘we can’t go any lower’ moments. Mayo are ordinary at this stage - can’t see them doing anything. They had one forward in 2016. He will be 36 next year … nearly 6 months older than Bernard


But who else is there? Tyrone? Galway? Kerry?


Kerry. That’s who will be the biggest threat. They can’t go any lower and the right choice manager could seriously give them a lift.


I still think they are two or three years away, to be honest.
Everything about what I said is contingent on Mayo surviving until late July and into August - a big hurdle. But if they get there, I see them being second best, overall.


All better than Mayo IMO


But neither of them have come as close to beating Dublin as Mayo have.

Eamon Fitz has overseen a Kerry decline.
Tyrone have become better this year and last but not by enough.
A full strength Mayo team would beat Galway, for now, in my opinion.


I’m leaving this debate, for now.
I need two full days to prepare for Thursday night Europa League football.


Totally disagree - if anyone lucked out it was Dublin against Mayo in 2016 final. Denis Bastic clean picks a ball off the ground in the last minute right in front of his goal. Game over, Mayo win their all Ireland by a point. Ignore this anyway, We then beat them by a single point in a replay where they missed a great chance to tie in last minute. We then beat them by a point in 2017 final by a point where they hit the post with a late free. But yup - dubs are the greatest team of all time, yet Mayo who are typically a point worse than us, are shite.

Mayo and Kerry easily the biggest threats next year.


I didn’t say they were shite at all. Mayo have more respect from Dublin fans than any others. But hit the post, missed a free, a great chance, lost by a point … see the pattern? I don’t actually remember Bastic picking a ball up - was it when he was being kicked and got a free?

Anyway to clarify - they lucked out in 2017 because they could easily have lost on 3/4 occasions on the way to the final and played awfully - that’s the truth. No such luck this year - beaten twice and by a very average Galway team and an even less average Kildare team.


And I get what you’re saying about the pattern that you refer to. But the bigger pattern I’d refer to is that every time we play them there’s nothing in it. Two ogs in '16 final? We have had plenty of breaks against them.

I think Mayo really suffer when they’re playing weaker teams they play to their opponents level. They match brilliantly against us mainly because of their physicality and conditioning I reckon. I get their forward weakness and likes of Costello, Basquel and McHugh and others would walk onto their team obviously . And some big players should be on the slide in 2019. But these lads are optimists, they’ll convince themselves that the summer off was a blessing in disguise, Horan back blah blah.

Put like this Dublin would snot Galway all day long IMO. Give me them or Tyrone rather than Mayo any day.


But the point I’m making is I think they have regressed hugely in the last two years and I don’t see them improving as their best players are obviously getting older and in addition who knows how Tom P will go - hopefully well though.

In 2017, the final aside they were awful. Don’t forget though we had a bad starting selection imo compounded when we lost Jack and they still couldn’t capitalize. What happened this year could have and should have happened last year.

I think we might snot them next time :grin: but it’s true we haven’t managed that yet in the Champo.