Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Not sure about that , but the warriors was a great film back in the day :wink:


Jeeze one is the lads had it on VHS and we watched it non-stop!!

Lighten up Ajax!!


yer showin yer through colours now :rainbow: :smile:


Volunteering in the clothes shop?


ah yeah he’s sound like that


If ya can turn a man GAA,… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i’d say theres a Quare few GAA men on here alright


At this juncture, it would really be best to not comment at all. Regardless of where the issue may or may not lie, (I wouldn’t have slightest clue), its serves nobody any good to constantly suggest where you feel it does.


What a 6 years it’s been


Yeah well it hasn’t all been great. Only three O’Byrne Cups is a very disappointing return - and Paul Clarke won one of those. Beaten by some poor counties too. Then there was that match in 2014 when we lost to Donegal - should never have happened. Lastly there was the League we didn’t win - to Kerry of all people. So Mr Gavin - jury is out - let’s see how the next six years go. But, as outlined above, plenty of room for improvement.


And he had a good result against Kerry in the league this year. What was the score again ? it’s slipped my mind


Can’t be sure … maybe …


You can post that scoreline for ever.

Or at least until there is a better one.


New Jersey next season gets closer to its announcement i see


Gavin is the the best manager ever. A lot won’t know it until he’s gone… and then hopefully back again


It is hard to judge, clearly Gavin is the best if it comes to success, but in fairness to Heffo he actually built the team of the 70’s, a lot of the lads back then Keavney etc, thought he was mad when he suggested they could actually win something, he picked lads that had been around and had achieved nothing, but yet sensed they could do a job, in that regard I rate him over Micko.
Micko was blessed that a special group of underage players came along at the same time, to Micko’s credit he did have to develop them into a senior outfit and man manage them something which countries like Laois failed miserably to do . The reality is if anyone would have told me when Heffo took over in 73 that we would win that we would win 3 All Irelands in the following four years, I would have said they were mad, but if anyone told me when Gavin took over in 2013 that we would win 5 I would have said they were exaggerating.


I wouldn’t understate the work Gavin did in creating a few u21 teams that won or reached all Ireland’s at the start of the decade . He had those teams for about 5 years and we went from winning nothing at all at that grade to winning nearly everything which also helped breed success at senior level.

Anyway it’s provably not worth comparing two greats . They are both legends


A lot of them of players that won u21 AI in 2010 were on minor teams that lost to Offaly and Laois.


Knocking over the winning point from an acute angle in the last minute of injury time to defeat a Maurice Fitz managed Kerry in a AI Final to win 5 in a row would be a fitting way to bow out :grin:


Fack no … requiring a last minute point to beat Kerry??? Can’t see that. Maybe clipping a last minute point to leave the final score at