Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Why? I’m just wondering if the black card from last week keeps him out on Sunday?


What ruling are you working off? Two black cards within 12 months don’t mean a suspension do they?


I’m going by the Jonny Cooper situation. He was black carded in last years All-Ireland final & was suspended for the following game which happened to be Round 1 of this years league.


He had an accumulation of cards


No he isn’t. The rule is an accumulation of 3 black cards in one season which gives a one game suspension.

Once suspension is served the slate is cleaned.


Dermo better get one early in Leinster Championship so!!


With the aid of a translator I will try to respond. Mick Deegan is unavailable for family reasons. Bryan Cullen is still with the team


Aido gave him a loan apparently. Jonny was not happy with the One Direction stickers on the boot


If i were Gavin i’d probably bring in maybe two of Howard, Foley and Gavin from the U21’s into the panel for the Championship to bolster the midfield/worker half forward options/freshen things up.

Could do with another defender also for the full back line if Cooper is still out.




Great news!


Excellent, the machine goes into overdrive, bring on the championship :muscle:


Excellent news. Great boost ahead of the championship :clap:


Great news indeed. JG doing a great job and seems well capable of evolving tactically where necessary, post 2014 being a case in point. Not sure who could replace him but at least this question is kicked down the road for a few years.


Unless we get hammered by Wexford …


Club players and management will be rejoicing all over the county.


I hear he wanted to stay on for the chance to win back to back O’Byrne cups


Great news. I was fearful he would hold back on blooding a new full forward line but now he has committed that worry should be immaterial.


Not Jims concern . That’s the county boards job .


Never said it was; it’s clear what his concerns are.