Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Fair enough but every team/squad has personal issues. Every team has to deal with disruptive issues. Connolly won’t be the only one who has had those issues. So you could say ‘not at the cost of disruption’ about any player in any given period. We don’t always or even often get to know about alot of it.


yeah look , i appreciate its a generic enough statement and it may appear unfair on Dermot, but it was him who has walked away at the end of the day.

At the end of the day , we have a team who drive each other on , we have a bench that come on and do the job when asked. To me that application and drive is a major factor in great teams.


True. But as far as anyone knows he took a break. So far for one summer. Rory has taken a break for three years so far. If he came back would people be saying all the time “not if he disrupts the team”?
I mean it goes without saying but I don’t think people would say those sort of things about him.


The bottomline is there is one poster on here that seems to know why Dermo is not around, unfortunately said poster just insinuates things from time to time and most of those insinuations would lead one to believe the problem is between Dermo and the management and that it is the managements fault, I have no idea what the problem is but so far this management have clearly proved that no one player is more important than the cause, they have lost key players through injury, through taking time out, through retirements and possibly through conflict, but they have overcome each set back with flying colours.


That poster constantly deflects the blame towards management - which is entirely incorrect as he well knows - if he really knows what happened. He has been silent since. There is only one person responsible for this situation.


Why would people say that about Rory, or about Paul Mannion or Jack McCaffrey when they took their time off? Their departures were for college, work & health reasons & were not preceeded by $hit storms of controversy for years before they left. You are not comparing like for like imo.


What situation though? A guy, like hundreds before him, took a break from playing county football. That’s all it is.

Everything single player has a dynamic with other players and management. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s not. It’s not for others really to make a judgement on.

The only thing I know for a fact about Connelly is that he has taken more abuse on a field then any other player I have ever seen, and I don’t think that’s right. But the rest of it is none of my business and as cruel as it sounds, I don’t really care either.


There is a constant inference here that management are to blame for his absence. It is not the case and I think that needs to be said.


The inference is from one poster, is it not?

I think most intelligent posters can read between the blue and white lines here.


Rory’s was that he wanted out, really, for whatever reasons, but in effect it appears he had had enough. And he got out for three years(so far). Now if Diarmo had done that, and then wanted back in…


Right you are Al. That’s the big diff. Mums the word. :wink:


What’s the big difference?


I am not sure why there is ‘blame’ anywhere for a guy not playing football. The whole thing is being over analysed. It’s only a game…


well none of us on here really know whats goin on , I certaintly dont. Next year is gonna be a completely different challenge. Apart from us no one wants us to do something that has never been done before and may never be done again, with Dermo on board it gives us a better chance. Its better to have him than want him, JG said the door is open for him so hopefully it can be sorted between them or whoever is involved. I know where i’d rather see him play , than spendin next summer in boston. For all we know its probably been sorted, I’d say there would be a whole load of sick buckets getting filled ( patsy and jaxo come to mind ) if Dermo was to walk up the steps of the Hogan next september to receive another winners medal. Anyway up the Dubs


Can people leave Rory out of it, Jesus he only came home for a wedding.

Connolly is a different case. Clearly issues with management (see semi final and final last year). Maybe he’s disruptive, dunno. He does take a lot of shite though. Alan is clearly the poster who implies management are at fault. He’s not unbiased and will obviously lean towards taking sides with his clubmate. But he hasn’t substantiated them, clearly feels this is not the forum for it. Pity.


I would love nothing better than to see Diarmo back. The issue is known to people. Buck stops with himself.


Well when somebody posts this, they are clearly implying that they do know what is going on.


Share’n is care’n


just read the headline in the GAA in the indo Dermo is out with Vincents on sunday


Is that some sort of rainbow warriors event?