Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Do you believe the current success of this Dublin team isn’t bothering Spillane ?.
I agree with alot of what your saying by the way .


I think Spillane will really only get worried if he sees a few of the Dubs getting 8 medals and a 9th would kill him, but it would probably hurt him even more if a Kerry player got a 9th.


The guy is very complimentary of Dublin. Other then bowing in front of them intoning ‘I’m not worthy’, I am not sure what we expect.


And well said. A friend of mine had a conversation with the b’ould jaxo about a year ago and his opinion on Ciaran was , and I Quote , he was no more than a junior footballer, jaxo and many like him are havin an awful lot of sick days , especially the last 12 months worry’n they could possibly be eclipsed by this great great Dublin team. In fairness to Keith Barr he got stuck into him over not givin Dublin the recognition they deserve for what they’ve achieved , and its sad when someone posts a comment on here defendin the Dubs their almost attacked and a lot of the time its by their so called own. Any way Up the Dubs


Jacko = idiot
K Barr = legend.

Ok got it.


Totally agree with this.




In terms of what they may have said on radio then yes it is possible, which is what is under discussion not their playing.


Seen a snap somewhere last night of Dermo with Flynner Butsy and Kevin mc. wonder is he on the way back


No Rory?? :pensive:


I doubt it. He’s been out and about since he got back. Not sure it means anything. There’s no issue with his teammates. The problem lies elsewhere.


Largely with himself - but hey let’s leave him alone.


Ah, it’s ok to disparage others in the Dublin set up, but hands off Dermo because he’s an amateur athlete? Got it !


It’s also extremely disingenuous to be saying the problem lies elsewhere.


Give it a rest


I’m completely comfortable with the idea that Dermo or Rory don’t return to the set up for the season ahead or beyond.

We’ve an unbelievably talented group of players who have a serious hunger to be the best and are willing to work their holes off to achieve that. We’ve also one of the greatest ever managers and a structure never before seen in GAA. The future is bright.


it is bright and would be even brighter with Dermo and Rory back, Dermo is a special player and can do things others simply cant , it would be an awful shame just to have him watchin from the stands, he was as important as anyone for getting us where we are today, Regardless of what the issues are , they should be resolved, he’s too good a talent to be wasted. mayo or Kerry wouldn’t have him sittin in the stands. we have got an unbelievable talented bunch of players now but what an addition he would be. Bring him back


Two great players to have back but don’t see it now at this stage.
Would love to see Dermot back , but not at the expense of disrupting the team.


Eh? Heard that one before. Answer remains the same - the team is different every year, even during the year. So by your criteria it gets disrupted quite often. And it has worked very well.


i’m not talking about personnel change and players being dropped.

Alan O has posted saying DC has no issue with the current players - and the issue lies elsewhere.