Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


‘Almost beat them’ and ‘Mayo’. How often do you reckon that combination occurs in a sentence?


Does anyone have the starting lineup of the dubs team in the 78 final?


O’Driscoll, Doherty, Kelliher
Drumm, Moran, O’Neill
Mullins, Brogan
O’Toole, Hanahoe, Hickey
Doyle, Keaveny, McCarthy


I don’t believe so.
Likes of jacko and bomber always seem comfortable with their own achievements.
For the most part, guys who reach pinnacle of a sport tend to have a focus and belief in their own achievements that is central to their success.

They don’t get hung up on what others do or don’t do to reflect on their achievements. You can only control what you can control.
I think it’s something that can’t be understood by those who just sit in the crowd and then summarize on how others must be feeling. (Plus it’s a no win. Spillane has been hugely complimentary to this Dublin team but apparently he’s riddled with hidden jealously).


Great nostalgia even when you see the line up in black and white. All the brilliant passages of play and o hehirs commentary set in audio stone for the ages to go along with them.


It’s not jealousy. It’s the realisation that his legacy might be shortly surpassed .And when everybody has been telling ya your greatest thing since sliced bread for over 30 years , then all of sudden there’s a new kid on the block , it’s a blow to the ego & hard to swallow . And I’m not diminishing that team , who could .It’s the idea that that kerry team might be the SECOND best team of all time is not sitting well with all in Kerry . And especially not with Pat considering he has been the televised representative of that Kerry team & a beacon of legendary status . He’s gaa football royalty , but there’s the possibility of a new prince to take over the crown.
It’ll end up like a death scene from Game of Thrones very soon , off with Kerry’s head .


A star-studded defence considering the scoreline. What rent so wrong?
It could hardly be purely down to tactics, given the limited tactical awareness back then.


I was at the 78 final but I’ve never seen a full recording of it since. From memory it Was a bit like 2014 against Donegal. We owned the ball for the first 20 minutes, scored some great points, BB snr had a great effort that just cleared the crossbar . Had it gone in I believe we would have won well as Kerry couldn’t get near us up to that. But the goal wouldn’t come ( as in 2014) Then we got hit with sucker goals (as in 2014) . Tears followed.


Well the tactics were the basics of defending, not pushing too many backs up when you don’t need to so you won’t get caught out easily. That was what happened with John Egans goal. In the second half the game was still well on, Kerry maybe two or three ahead. We kept pushing up in a panic because, I guess, we felt we had to regain the lead.

Kerry got the breaks with some broken ball around the middle, and we got caught in possession because we had lost our concentration and because they had been given the massive boost of the two late goals i the first half they were hunting like wolves. Quick ball into Kerry forwards who had acres of space to pop it off and walk it into the net.

If we had kept composure and stayed patient in that second half, kept the game to three points, Kerry would’ve started to twitch and drop back a bit more. A goal chance would’ve come our way. Kerry would still have won most likely but it could have been a close finish. Which was my original point really. There was nothing like the final score between those two teams that year.


Mayo in this era quite like Dublin in that era I suppose. The context was that contrary to the point that Kerry had no respect whatsoever for any Dublin teams in the era when they kept beating us, in fact they remained wary of us because even when they had a much better team than us, (01,07) we could put it right up to them and if they got lazy or indisciplined they could’ve lost. Same with us and Mayo and Kerry in this era. Whereas Kerry would’ve had zero fear of Mayo in the 00s. And I would argue no real fear of Cork in Croker, once they saw the first time how Cork best them in Munster and then crumbled in an All-Ireland semifinal.


On same basis you could levy exact same suspicions at players on heffos teams …replaced as greatest dublin team. Apparently they’d also fret over loss of their crown. The likes of Hanahoe and mullins…not a chance. Appreciate what they achieved but don’t look over their shoulder at how achievements of others may effect the appearance what they did. Read the brilliant David Hickey and you get insight into how they think. I don’t think Kerry lads are any different.


How much are the ex Kerry heroes paying you for this spirited and prolonged defence @rebus2008 … it’s like one twelfth of 12 Angry Men.

Ps I saw Jacko on the Marty Squad after the final and he looked ashen faced. But that could have been because of Brenda Donohue …


Apologies, didn’t think it came across as angry. I’ll need to look at that.

I’ll park my input on it, I thought it was mildly interesting to see how people seemed to take completely different read on same thing … please allow the discussions to revert to whatever is deemed acceptable in that blue tinted kind of way.

Sure how would kerry GAA lads be paying me. Dublin have all the money I’m hearing.


I thought you did a great job! Please continue!

Things should always have a blue hue here … in much the same way as Ulster had a Red Hugh …


Meh!!. Maybe I needed the intervention.


Kerry always have something under the mattress. Invest it wisely rebus.


I thought posting here on this glorious discussion forum was intervention enough? No.


One of my favourite players of all time, but on that programme he came across as being extremely bitter, I don’t know how many times he mentioned the Dublin penalty as being a game changer, but yet admitted he had not seen a replay of the incident, he really was clutching at straws and if he eventually saw the replay and was being honest with himself he must have felt very stupid for insisting so much about it.


Look Dublin are top of the pile and don t look like going away anytime soon. The rest of the country danced a jig of delight when Offaly denied Kerry the 5-in -a -row so imagine if Dublin are bet by a last minute goal what the reaction will be. I say let’s enjoy the glory days and who gives a ■■■■ what any Kerry or Meath man or whoever says. I find the most hatred comes from counties unlikely to win a turkey at Xmas ( Kildare for eg).


Did anyone think to ask him what he thinks of Ciaran Kilkenny and, whether or not he “rates him” as a player yet? :thinking:

Jack O’Shea was a great player in his day, no doubt about it. But his arse needs to be kicked to the kerb, just like Spillane’s. People who played the game 40 years ago have no business doing the post match analysis on RTE, unless they are able to bring a modren slant on things.

Sadly, it will never happen, as far too many people (Marty Morrissey included) are so star struck by the likes of Jacko, they’ll keep on giving him pundrity gigs. Can you imagine the outrage, if Tony Hanahoe & Jimmy Keavney were permanent fixtures on RTE’s match day panels & no one from Kerry was? There’d be war ! But because Jacko is from Kerry, no one thinks twice.

So a pox on anyone here, who chooses to add yet more fertilizer to their steaming piles of ego driven shyte ! :poop:

There. I said it. Feel better now.