Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


I genuinely have no bother with spillane and enjoy his commentary, he does give us plenty of credit and rightly so, but he was quick enough to defend himself and Kerry when o Rourke had a little dig and chuckle at him when the subject of the best team of all time was brought up, he simply didn’t like it, and brolly was dead wide to it also. with regard to the 28 games, that’s the way the game has evolved and its out of our hands, I would gladly watch Dublin play another 28 games and do another 4 in a row obviously with new players emergin as the lads with all them celtic crosses retire. I dont think im been extreme just acknowledge,n the greatness of this team. I was at some of them games in the 70’s and they were great, but time dosent stand still and we move on, but if we are fortunate enough to win the All- Ireland next year maybe pat will too. Up The Dubs


As I said above this team have clearly been better than the Dubs 70s team but the latter had a late start. If the 83 team could’ve kicked on we’d be talking about that era like this one but the gap from the 70s just couldn’t be bridged, too many greats were gone or past it in too short a space of time. The 83 team were very talented but couldn’t replace Mullins at all, and didn’t have the same quality of leader. Then came a phenomenal Meath team…


Surely in life-ban territory mods?


If not longer!


To say Kerry team wouldn’t last pissing time with us is ignorant. As other people are saying it was a different time, they trained differently (hence loads of them getting hips done). And they won more frankly. So far. Unless someone can point me to a dub with eight all Ireland medals. And the turnover on their team was a lot less than this current Dublin team of this decade. So it’s kind of a pointless argument but if people want to take offence they should go for it. To be honest, and I’m not contradicting myself, the football of the 70s and 80s was fairly shite, but that’s just my opinion.

People who think we don’t get enough praise from Spillane - well, I don’t know exactly how much praise is enough. And he mentions skill plenty. And has mentioned that this could be the greatest team. His own opinion may be that his lot were better - would have thought he was entitled to this opinion too.

Frankly, if comparing our current team to others, the Kerry and Tyrone teams of the 2000s is a more relevant discussion.





As a trio the Tyrone boys.

If i was to pick. CCC


It’s kind of ironic that two of the key factors that facilitates the greatness of this Dublin team are (1) they only focus on what they can control (2) they block out the third party noise…then you have people whining that Spillane won’t phrase his admiration from them in one specific way when continually praises them on numerous occasions


I’ll take the silence as a retractin of sorts :+1:t2:


■■■■ - that’s a tough one.

Connolly - BB - Cooper.


You forgot

Moran Sheehy Spillane


Taking each player to be at his peak, Tyrone trio for me. Canavan the GOAT, o Neil a genius. Mugsy a bit overrated IMO but some full forward line.


Ah, we lost by 18 points on the scoreboard, thats all that matters .Stats about how much possession teams have mean nothing when its not translated into scores , and as far not watching the game properly, i was at it buddy !!!


This is just my opinion but i would say it drives micko ,the bomber and jack oshea even more crazy than spillane that we could do 5 in a row.In their worst nighmares they couldnt imagine a team from dublin -a county they didnt even rate a threat for decades - is on the verge of knocking them off their pedestal.


Aha you think!? I did of course mean phenomenally dirty and evil. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeh and clearly still too traumatised to look at it rationally buddy! I watched it live too but I didn’t actually “watch it” til a few years ago. Really worth a watch. Don’t try the old stats dismissal, whatever way you want to spin it we were well in that game if we didn’t have a defensive meltdown for goals. And yes that is an essential part of the game but my point is we were not being beaten all over the park til Liston waltzed through for the second soft goal in the 2nd half. Prevent the goals which were very preventable and we were still well in that game. We made it easy for them and never did the work that would’ve put the doubt in their minds, given they were the ones with alot of doubt and huge pressure on them that day.

A lesson we finally learned by 2011 when they could’ve skipped away from us again except we stopped them getting goals and then asked the questions which they hadn’t answered in the close games Vs Armagh and Tyrone. We did not suddenly become a terrible team on that day in 78, we were still a brilliant team who forgot to defend goals, got too arrogant to defend goals.
In 79 we were up to almost nothing. Over the hill and destroyed mentally by what we let happen in 78.


And rightly so.


In fairness despite being shite we almost beat them in 2001 and 2007, punched above our weight like Mayo.



Kerry care about winning, not moral victories.


Point being they did actually rate us a little bit in that era because unlike Mayo and Cork outside Munster we were actually able to put it up to them a couple of times. And in fact we got closer to beating them than they have of beating us anytime since 2011 in championship. But we will also likewise remain wary of them as they are capable of putting it right up to us on the day.