Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


But you are a Vincent’s man who is none too happy with no Vincent’s players on the current Dublin panel


(1) care to point me to a posting of mine where I expressed that opinion
(2) regardless of you being wrong on above, I’m lost on any relevance of it


Wrong on you being a Vincent’s man ? Jesus man, look back on your posts


Hardly…I’m referring to your assertion that I’m none too happy with current Vincents representation on county panel…(and aside from you being wrong there)… I’m unsure of the relevance be you right or wrong on that to current debate


Just read Philly’s article in the indo about money , funding , and all that stuff and then theres a mention at the end about Dermo and Rory, Philly said their 2 players he’d like to see back


That’s what i was referring to , not the current team.


It’s fairly safe to assume, I think, that the most successful team ever in terms of All Irelands won, trained in the same way and same tactics(whatever those decided to be) as the (so far) most successful squad in terms of major trophies won, would each be a good match for the other. It stands to reason, law of averages and all that.
Its not as if the actual basic skills of the game and the numbers of players playing it have changed that much so you have roughly the same number of players striving their utmost to be as good as they can. Take out changes in fitness/conditiining and tactics, what differences are you really left with?


Yes good point but our current squad is imho clearly better than back then. Also I’ve made the point previously about that 78 final, if you look back at it, it was one of the most unfair scorelines ever in a major game. We had loads of possession, but like with Donegal in 2014 to some extent we had no defensive plan or were not adhering to it properly, especially to deal with Bomber, most or all his goals in that game were stupidly softly given away.


Your looking at that match through rose tinted glasses.We were only 2 points down at half time but were annihilated in the second half .Made the final again in 79 and were still lashed out of it .


To be fair to Pat, he would be a great ball player in any decade. He had the attributes to play all ways. He’d be in any greatest 15.


He would indeed and played games when he clearly shouldn’t have either.


he knows it alright and believes it,. but he’s struggling to accept it, like most Kerry folk, he’ll just have to try and learn to let go of the past. Maybe in about 200yrs some team might come along and be spoken about the same way this great Dublin team are been spoken of now ( mainly by Dubs by the way )wise one would recommend meditation for patsy, it can work wonders


Well Danny, it’s good to laugh. The months after seeing the Dubs win the All Ireland again, can be tough. Very important to remain as cheerful as possible


Only one vice like grip these days.

Enjoy the winter.


ah yer right there ted, a new set of goal posts for the pitch on the island would be great investment and plenty of time over the winter months to practice. up the vice grips


Took their time …


I think people are just responding to your taking the complete extreme view to counteract a mild enough bias that the likes of Spillane have. He’s not even in the same league as people like Spewan. So there’s shades and layers within the overall argument. Spillane is never going to be neutral, how could he be. I actually think Whelo is too neutral but I guess he will become less so as time goes on where Spillane became less biased over the years.
We played 28 games and we used alot more players so I think it sort of evens out. Of course the bitters will only point to the less players, you’re right there. Sometimes Spillane and people like him are defending themselves against people saying his team are no longer the best.


Tough choice. CK for me. Fento also could easily have won it and Howard was brilliant. JC also…


Be nice if he said we’re equal greatest but I don’t give a shite because I know we are and that’s all that matters. If only we could balance that ball and at the same time hoot loudly like yous do. I suppose it’s a thing yer only born with.


Not rose-tinted at all, hard to find a blue rose anyway. 78 and 79 no comparison. 79 never even in the game. 78 dominated most of first half, second half had lots of ball but killed ourselves by allowing 3 very soft goals because we lost our discipline. And that in itself was down to thinking we had the game won too soon and then panicking after Aldridge did his deeds that allowed the crazy goal.
We were annihilated on the scoreboard but you clearly haven’t watched the game properly.