Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Theres only one game I’ve seen from the past resemble anything in the present day .
The '77 semi , simply for the point for point display . I remember in prep for the '11 final i bought a collection of the classic Dublin games of the '70s/80s which we won. The catch & kick into the abyss was cat to watch . And if anybody thinks that makes their team ( kerry )the greatest of all time , they’re seriously deluded.


They wouldn’t “wipe the floor with them”. Given same levels of fitness and homogenised tactics I’m sure they would well be a good match. We’re looking for due respect, not fawning adulation.


Yeh but it’s relevant to the tactics and fitness etc of its time. You could equally say put this current Dublin team into the 70s/80s with those tactics and that training etc and would they have done any better? I prefer to say both sides of their time are the grestest ever. For now…


What I’d really like to know is how that Kerry team would have matched up to us if they were in the same age bracket back then . And if we hadn’t collapsed in '78 who knows how many more Dublin would have won .
Our age profile didn’t help us , that’s for sure .


with all due respect in MY opinion , we’d wipe the floor withem or destroy them or whatever phrase. , wanna use , they’d be like sausage dogs runnin around after greyhounds


Maybe they would but maybe they wouldn’t if 70’s team were conditioned/trained etc to same level as modern players enjoy. Impossible to know caps or otherwise.
Dublin couldn’t “wipe the floor” with a mayo team with very limited footballers from 8 upwards… my thinking is a Kerry team from
8 onwards of o Shea, spillane,power, Egan, bomber, sheehy might at least offer some resistance above the grade of “floor wiping”


Yep, but Pele’s Brazil would probably be the same trying to play against France, or Jesse owens would look the same trying to keep up with Bolt, you simply cannot compare, the only possible thing you can compare would be achievements and with the the way competition formats have changed, well that is not really valid either.


Their backs nulified our forwards to the extent that we only beat them by a point each year . Put our forwards up against the Kerry backs of the time & it might be a completely different story .
And if we are going to start picking dream teams now , lets not forget ROC either .Imagine what he would have done to the Bomber if Donkey is anything to go by !


Or put those Kerry forwards (conditioned to same degree) in against current Dublin backs.
Mayo scored average of 1-14 in recent meetings and it’s commonly held view, that they don’t have 1 marquee forward.
While it’s an impossible science to compare, I’ll go out on limb and suggest Spillane, Egan, sheehy, bomber and o Shea with modern training would have beaten that scoring benchmark. Sure they may have conceded more than mayo and Dubs current with all their attributes of skill, fitness, character and ethic would likely have come out on top but suggestions of that kerry team being destroyed are nonsense.


im delighted im a Dub


It was someone who said that.
Also , impossible to know how that Kerry team would have fared through the extended championship we now face .


Why should he admit it if he doesn’t believe it


I use it all the time.


I wonder will our players in 20 or 30 years eulogise like Pat does now . I’d be surprised , Pats living off past glories & hell go to the grave with those beliefs because he doesn’t want to admit what the rest if us know.




oh he believes it alright


a beautiful sentence


This is exactly why this financial doping is mana from heaven for the likes of him & his ilk . It gives them an easy out when saying which team is the best . We had money in the past & what good did it do us . Now suddenly every success is put down to that .


We’r always gonna be up against that shite and then ye come on here and get corrected for usin a certain word or phrase. As I said earlier we played 28 games for the 4 in a row compared to 15 but theres barely ever a mention of that, but sure ye get that


It’s easier to try imagine the modern team being trained in 70s methods and standards than vice versa.
As for 78, well I don’t think that final was why we had to wait till 83 to come back, the team was on its way out. Kerry were blessed to find that team as the early 70s team also blew out - as did that team and when they did unlike 75 there was no replacements.