Dublin Senior Footballers 2018


Ah they definitely have individual programmes. I’d be shocked if they didn’t.


They do indeed, the players have spoken about it a lot.

A long way from some coaches just running the b*ollox out of you!


As it’s retirement season it’s worth mentioning the Dublin footballers . I can’t see any of our lads going this year ( might be wrong there and I’d imagine certain players will have conversations ) but win or lose next year we will probably have a retirement thread for about four players this time next year .

I can’t see Berno MDMA , O Gara and Flynn doing any more than one more year . For some reason I think Cluxton will go another two or three if indeed his body and form holds up

It shows the importance of Jim deliberately transitioning the team, lowering the first 15 age profile while still winning - most counties in any era wouldn’t sustain a few retirements in a row ( especially ones with six all Ireland medals )


Darren Daly


Hopefully Cluxton stays and becomes first player to play 100 championship games.